David Goodner

David Goodner, the third child of Conrad and Elizabeth (Scherrer) Goodner, was born in Sullivan County, Tennessee, October 26th, 1788.  In the latter part of 1804 or the early part of 1805, the family moved to Smith County, Tennessee, where they remained until about 1812, when they moved to the Illinois Territory. David, however, did not accompany his parents, but elected to remain in Tennessee. His schooling was meager, and such as could be obtained in the backwoods schools of Sullivan and Smith Counties.

Very little is known of his early life, except that he grew up on the farm.  Very early in life he leaned toward religion, and was preaching as early as 1812.  In the year 1813, the year of his marriage, he was preaching as a Methodist minister, and was living in Williamson County, Tennessee.  In October of 1813, he wrote a letter to his brother, Benjamin, a copy of which is given later under the subject of "Letters,” in which he complained of broken health, at which time he was only 25 years of age.  His name is listed in "West's History of Methodism" with those of preachers who served the Flint Circuit, Madison County, Alabama, after it's organization and up to the close of 1817.  On October 24th, 1813, a few weeks after the date of the letter mentioned above, he married Orpha Rosebrough, daughter of William add Margaret Rosebrough in Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tennessee.  On November 2nd, 1813, he wrote another letter to his father in the Illinois Territory announcing his marriage and informing him that he had taken up manual labor.  A facsimile of this letter is reproduced in full on the following pages.

On January 16th, 1814, he was in Giles County, Tennessee, which county adjoins Lincoln, from where he wrote another letter to his brother, Benjamin, telling him of improved health and announcing his intention of entering the tanning business with brother Jacob, who was residing some forty miles distant.  At the time of the writing, he was preparing to move to be with Jacob, but his wife was still in Lincoln County.  Apparently his contemplated arrangement with Jacob did not materialize, for in January of 1815, he was living in Madison County, Mississippi Territory, on a section of land he had purchased and which lay on the Flint River.  He stated that the land was poor but that it had excellent water, and that he expected to live by his trade of tanning, and that he expected Jacob to join him.  Madison County, Territory of Mississippi (now Alabama), is immediately south of and adjoins Lincoln County, Tennessee, where he had been living.  According to information contained in a letter written by his brother, James, to their parents in Illinois, David was still residing on the Flint River in May of 1816 and that he was doing very well.  Apparently Jacob never did join him in the tanning business, but David did take as an apprentice the young son of his cousin, Henry, John Cunningham Goodner.  How long John C. remained with him and when the apprenticeship first started, we do not know, but as John C. was born in 1802, it must have been about 1816 or 1817.

The last of these old letters written by David and which the family retained is one written on November 30th, 1817, addressed to his father and mother, in which he wrote that the territory in which he resided was lately cut off from Mississippi and included in the "Alabama Territory."  In this same letter he mentions a trip that he made to Illinois to visit his parents and other relation there, which trip took eight weeks and two days, both ways.  He took along his son, Blooming, who at the time was only a year old, he did not say, but I would infer from his taking along such a young child that Orpha accompanied him.  On the return trip he writes of journeying to the "forks of the road on this side of Hopkinsville with James, Katey, Jane, and Godfrey, where they went on to Carthage and he went to the "nobs of Snow Creek on Duck River,” where he found his brother, Jacob and family.

David's oldest child, Superior, was born near Huntsville, then Mississippi Territory, and later Alabama, March 3rd, 1815.  His second child, Blooming, was born in 1816 in the same place.  In all seven children were born to David and Orpha, all born in the home place near Huntsville.  They remained on this section of land, and he followed his profession of tanning and farming, until his death in November of 1848, at which time he was 60 years of age.  Orpha died a few years later, in 1851.  David was not only a farmer, tanner, and preacher, but was also somewhat of a poet, writing many things to verse in which he derived much pleasure.  His son, Superior, fell heir to the tannery and to the old home place, and continued to operate the tannery until several years after the termination of the Civil War.

David Goodner, in his lifetime, purchased several other pieces of land from the Government.  These original land certificates are in the possession of Mrs. J. Walter Miller {Helen Eddins) of Bealeton, Virginia, who kindly placed them at my disposal from which to make notes.  She is a lineal descendant of David.  The Government grants were as follows:

U.S. Land Grant to David Goodner, dated May 1st, 1825.  Cert. of Register #1171, at land Office, Huntsville, Alabama. for NE Quarter of Section 35, Twp. 1, Range 1, East, containing 160 and 20/100 acres.  Signed by President James Monroe and George Graham, Comm. of General and Office. Vol. 1G, P. 278.

US land Grant. Cert. #7203, dated October 16th, 1835, for NE Quarter of the SW Ό of Section 9, Twp. 2, Range 2, East, in the District of lands on sale at Huntsville, Alabama.  Signed by President Andrew Jackson, and A. L. Donelson.  Recorded in Vol. 16, P. 397.  Written on this certificate by David Goodner was this note: "The land herein patented was bought on the 16th of May 1834 by me, David Goodner.  The land herein patented to me I sold to John Rayless, July 7th, 1845.  Signed, David Goodner.”

US land Grant. Cert. #7202, October 10th, 1835, for NW Ό of SE Quarter of Sec. 9, Twp. 2, Range 2, East, in District of lands subject to sale at Huntsville, Alabama, containing 40 and 11/100 acres.  Signed by President Andrew Jackson, and Ethaniel Brown, Comm. of General Land Office.  Recorded Vol. 16, P. 396.  On the back of this certificate was written by David Goodner this note: ‘The land herein patented was bought on 16th of May 1835, by me, D. Goodner.  The land here patented to me I sold to John Bayless, July 7th, 1845.  D. Goodner.”

US Land Grant, Cert. #11345, August 1st, 1839, Huntsville, Alabama, Land Office.  For West Half of SW Quarter of Sec. 1, Twp. 2, Range 1, East, containing 83 and 54/100 acres.  Signed by Martin Van Buren, President. Recorded Vol.––––, P. 157.  On back of this certificate was this notation: “Bought 6th March 1837.  Sold to Alfred Leamans, March 4th, 1850.  By D. Goodner.”

U.S. Land Grant, Cert. #11421, dated August 1st, 1839, Huntsville, Alabama, Land Office.  East Half of NW Quarter of Sec. 1, Twp. 2, Range 1, East, containing 83 and 54/l00 acres.  Signed by Martin Van Buren, President, by M. Van B–––––––––, Sec'y. Ad interim.  Recorded, Vol. 25, P. 243.  On the back of this certificate David had written:  "This tract bought on 3rd of April, 1837 by me, David Goodner."

On February 15th, 1844, David and wife, Orpha, deeded to Superior Goodner and Malinda Stilwell, son and daughter of said David and his wife, an undivided interest amounting to two–thirds, one–third each.  David and his wife retained one–third, beginning at the NE corner of Sec. 35, Twp. 1, Range 1, East (Deed Book V, P. 347).  And on November 16th, 1849, Superior and his wife, Martha, sold to Benjamin Griffith parts of the NE and NW Quarters of Sec. 34, Twp. 1, Range 1, West (Deed Book X, P. 454).

In the Huntsville, Alabama, Democrat paper, issue of May 23rd, 1840, there appeared a copy of a letter written by David Goodner.  It appears that David had been charged by some one that he had two orphan boys in his care and had punished them severely by pretending to hang them.  Mr. Goodner presented affidavits to show that the boys were most unruly.  The boys were not injured. The article was long and contained nothing of benefit or of interest to this brief biography, so it was not included.  This item was furnished by Mrs. David K. Tudor of Dallas, Texas.

In those early days and in such outlying districts as that in which David lived, there were few doctors, and the people had to learn to doctor themselves.  In order that he might be able to render some kind of medical assistance to his family and help, David purchased some medical books.  As evidence of his "proficiency" in this field, but more probably to favorably influence the sale of the books, the purchaser was given a certificate, which is here reproduced as a matter of curiosity and interest.

David Goodner02.gif (39136 bytes)

David and his wife are buried near Huntsville, Alabama, but the name of the cemetery is not known to the writer.  Following are copies of his last will and testament, the diary of Superior, covering his trip to Virginia to purchase slaves, a most interesting and revealing document, and the facsimile of the letter written by David to his parents of November 2nd, 1813, and copies of several other of his letters.

Following the above is the chart showing the children of David and Orpha, and their descendants as far as it was possible to secure the data.

Last Will And Testament Of David Goodner, Son Of Conrad.  Probated 1849.

I, David Goodner, of Madison County, State of Alabama, Revoking all others, appoint this my last Will and Testament.

First Item: I give to Orpha Goodner, my wife, the following described lot or parcel of Land Beginning at the South West corner of the North East Quarter of Section thirty–five Township one, Range one, East Madison County, Alabama, thence East with the half sectional line to a stake ninety–six feet East, of the Point on said southern Boundary line that is due south of the spring of water which is most commonly used by my family, and is situated on said Quarter Section of Land, thence Northward to a Large White Oak tree standing due East of the Point that is twenty feet North–west of our Spring of Water, thence West to a Stake at the Point twenty feet North of said Spring, thence South forty–five feet to a Stake, thence West sixty feet to a Stake, thence due North to a Stream––––which flows from our Spring, thence due West to the Western boundary line of said Quarter Section, thence Southward with Said Western line to the beginning; containing my dwelling, out houses and lots, to have during her natural life, or her continuance on the premises, together with my Household, and Kitchen furniture, and an annuity of fifty Dollars from my son, Superior Goodner, also one Cow and Calf.

Second Item: I, in former times, having given to my daughter of Malinda Stilwell Lands (as can be seen on the record of the County Court of Madison County, Alabama). and other property amounting to more than I can give to my other Children in this my last Will and Testament, I therefore Give her nothing.

Third Item: Having given to my daughter of Eliza Bernice, wife of John H. Harper, a House (or "horse") and other property, I here add a Cow and Calf, and to John H. Harper, her husband, two hundred and eighty–five dollars to be paid to him by my son, Superior Goodner, the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and fifty and with interest from the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and forty–nine.

Fourth Item: I give to my daughter of Martha Thompson my best horse, and cow, one Bed, Stand, and furniture, and two hundred and eighty–five dollars to be paid by my son, Superior Goodner, the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and fifty–one, with interest from the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and forty–nine.

Fifth Item: I give to my son, Superior Goodner, who is equally interested with me in stock and trade, and whom I hereby appoint to be the Executor of this my last Will and testament, all my portion of the stock of hides, Leather, Tanning Tools thereof, and any article and Species of property belonging to the firm of D & S Goodner.  I also give him all my individual property not disposed of in the former Items, including personal and real estate, except the lot disposed of in the first item for the benefit of my wife, which is to belong to him at her death, or when she ceases to occupy it as a home.  Before making this my last Will and testament I made a schedule of my Property and debts and believing that my debts came so nigh covering my property that an executor could not pay them at the present moment of prices with it in executing this Will without more time than is usually given to Executors in the Execution of Wills; and my son, Superior, being equally bound with myself for the payment of most of my debts, I have in the fifth Item of my Will given to him more than I have given to my other children which greater amount I believe to be necessary to enable him to pay all my debts, and the unusual time I have given him in some of the Items of the Will is to make the most of the property he can and to accomplish this most important of all objects the payment of all my debts; in witness "hereof" I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal in the presence of the subscribing witnesses this the fifteenth day of June AD, one thousand eight hundred and forty–eight.

One interlineation and a slight alteration of five words before signing.

David Goodner  Seal.


Thomas Ice

James R. Harbin (his mark)

Henry A. Beaver            (Book 14, Page 241)

Levi Power (His mark)

The State of Alabama Orphans Court of Madison County November Term 1848.  The Execution of the last Will & Testament of David Goodner late of said county deceased, having this day been duly proven by the Oaths of Henry R. Beaver and Levi Power two of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto, It is ordered, adjudged and decreed that said Will be filed and recorded, pursuant to said order, said last Will and testament of David Goodner deceased, was duly recorded this the 27th day of March, 1849.

Jno. W. Otey, Clerk C.C.

Superior Goodner, Diary of On his Trip to Virginia, 1847.

S. Goodner's Diary while on his trip to Virginia.

Set out August 31st, 1847.  Took stage on Huntsville at 4 in the evening, got to Whitesburg half after 6, and started by steam at 7, landed at 12 at night, took the stage at half after twelve at night for Kingston, Geor.  The moon shown brightly, we had a crowded stage, crossed Brown's creek on a log, traveled through a broken country, occasionally walked up or down a mountain.  Breakfast at Rodens, fare not tolerable.  Dined at Blue "Pon” (or Pan).  Arrived at Rome after 11 PM.

Rested till Day, breakfasted at Kingston, the whole travel through a broken poor country.  Left by steam at 9 AM and arrived at Atlanta about 1 PM, passed several villages, crossed many big Bridges and passed through a poor country, the distance not ascertained.  Left Atlanta at 4 PM and reached Augusta about 3 AM.  Stoped frequently to a snack.  About 9 Met a train of cars and while in the depo the car I was in was runn backwards by the side of a house that caused the house to move as I thought and spoke to the pasengers to notice it but was soon laughed at it being the car insted of the house.  When we arrived at Augusta ther was a Nomibus with six likely stedds weighting to convey us to the hotel til day and then call for us and take us to the car again on the south Carolina side.  Resumed our travel on car for Charleston til we assended the incline plain, stoped and breckfasted and pursued our journey, arrived a t Charleston about 2 P. M, a distance 136 Miles.  A level poor piny country swam by, long moss plenty.

Hyrd a carriag to convey 4 of us to the Wilmington boat, about 3 the steam was raised and we ware soon across the bar into the Atlantic; soon after I began to feel sick and went in to the caben and threw myself on a bed and thare lay till near day but did not vomit nor suffer much.  about a day we entered Cape fear river and stoped with male a few minits.  I arose and done well.  We landed at Willmington about eight AM.  distance on water 178 miles.  At nine took car and reached Welldonabout 8 P.M.  a distance of 165 miles.  Eat supper and sat out for Petersburg and landed about day, distance of 136 miles.  Walked across the town to the next depo and sat out for Richmon and reach thare about eight AM.  Sunday.  Eat brekfast, shaved and clean cloths.  Met with several traders and looked at a good many Negroes.  Mon. 6th attended sales.  Negroes sold high.  Rote home.  Tues. 7th, attended sales and looked at several Negroes.  Wednesday 8th attended market in the morning, saw provisions of all kinds in a bundance.  Attended sales, bought Lavaly at $110.  Thurs. 9th attended sales.  Bought Maria at $450.  Friday 10th attended sales.  Bought nothing.  rainy day.  Saturday 11th attended sales.   Bought Tiller at $410.

Sun. 12th a very Wet day.  Attended church at the Jew church Stayed a few minutes, couldent understand anything that was saying they worshipped with their hats on, left and went to the Catholick Church saw them diping their fingers in the holy water and touching it to their Brest and fore head and Bowing to the cross and saw the preast go through all his operations..

(Except for some punctuation in order to clarify the meaning, the above is copied verbatim from the original, with close adherence to spelling).

Under subject of expenses appear the following:




August 31

Fare to Charleston

$22. 50

September 1



September 1



September 2

Lodging at Rome


September 2

Breckfast at Kingst


September 2

Snack at Atlanta


September 2



September 3



September 3



September 3

Carriage–car to boat


Pasage on boat


September  4

Blacking boots


September 4

Breckfast on boat


September 4

Fruit at Willmont


September 4



September 4



September 4

Welldon to petersburg



September 5


September 5

Carrying baggage


September 7

Pocket comb





September 8

For 2 Blankets


September 14

For bord at Lumkins


September 14

For Washing


September 14

attention by––––––––––


September 14

For 4 Blankets


September 15

For domestics


September 16

For dressing for negroes



September 21


September 21

For 1 pair Shoes


September 25

For Medicines


September 27

For Shoes Lavaly


September 27

For 2 Blankets (60 ct.


September 27

4 yds. ganes (20 cts.



(Note: The original of the diary is in the possession of Mrs. J. Walter Miller, nιe Helen Eddins, of Bealeton, Virginia, a descendant of David Goodner. It is reproduced here by her kindness and courtesy).

Copy of Letter from David Goodner to his brother, Benjamin Goodner, 1813.

"Williamson County, Tennessee, October 6th, 1813.

My Very Dear Bro. Benjamin,

Through the blessings of God, I am still blest with a tolerable share of health, except my pains in my lungs, which are dull at present, but they are easily revived.  I thank God that it is as well with me as it is.  My afflictions have been such since I saw you that I have preached but once since I filled the appointments which I then had before me, in consequence of which I have taken a location, and expect to become an inhabiter of the waters of Elk River.  There is a small probability of Brother Jacob and myself uniting on the tanning business.  I visited him in September.  He and his family was well.  He desired me to excuse his not having written to you by observing to you that he has written several letters and was disappointed of opportunity to send.  And by being called off to muster unexpectedly, he failed writing to me.  There is no probability of his visiting you this fall.  He is in a living way, and appears to be in good spirits.  Bro. John and family was well when I was with them.  James was with me in the Elk River Country, and had some fits of the dumb ague, but was well when we parted.  I would observe to you that crops are generally indifferent as far as I have traveled, particularly cotton crops.  I think it would be prudence in those in your Territory who want cotton, to supply themselves the first opportunity.

I know not when it will be expedient for me to visit you; not before next fall, I presume.  I trust Brother Benjamin, you will endeavor to live for God and adorn the religion which you have professed by a holy life.  O brother be guarded against levity, give attendance to reading and meditation.  Make yourself familiar with your servant Josiah Patterson.  He is zealous in the cause of religion, tho very young.  Pray much; and ever recollect that if you draw nigh to God he will draw nigh to you.  If God has given you a talent to be occupied and improved in a public capacity, do not bury it through a spirit of diffidence or fear, nor by any other things or engagements.  If God has called you to a public work, you may rest assured that you cannot enjoy the true comforts of religion without obeying that call.  I have worn myself out and fallen in the work, and now, with reluctance, abstract myself from Itinerancy.  O that you were now ready and qualified to fill my place.  Servile labor will no doubt be very disagreeable to my broken constitution, but I do not doubt but the word will help me while I trust in him, and I hope to be rewarded in the day of Eternity for my past labors in God's Vineyard, therefore I do not repine at my having spent my time in the manner I have.  I must wind up my letter for it is now after ten o'clock at night.  Please to remember me affectionately to Father and Mother; also to my brothers and sisters, and to all that may inquire after my prosperity.

(To Benjamin Goodner)            Pray for me.            Adieu.            David Goodner.

Copy of letter from David Goodner to his brother, Benjamin, in Illinois.

Giles County, Tennessee State, January the 16th, 1814.

Dear Bro,

I embrace this opportunity of writing to you with pleasure, and hope these lines, tho few in number will be gratifying to you.  I am, through the multiplied blessings of God, in common health of body, and bound for heaven.

I trust my soul is still a witness of Christ's redeeming love.  My bodily afflictions have greatly subsided since I wrote to you.  I but seldom feel any inconviences in consequence thereof excepting when I labor intemporately.  I would observe to you that I have lately agreed with Bro. Jacob to work with him one season at the tanning business.  I am now preparing to move into, and expect to move as quick as possible.  It is now two weeks since I left home (the time appears very long) my loving consort was well at that time.  Religion is at a low ebb in these parts; great declinations have taken place in the different societies.  Cotton is likely to be very scarce.  It is now selling in Madison (where there are the greatest quantities of it) at 16Ό, 20 and 25 per pound.  Corn and meat are likely to be scarce in consequence of the southern–––––––––––––––––––getting provisions amongst us.  Please to inform Grandmother that I have written to Frederic Shearer concerning the death of Godfrey Shearer; but it has been quite lately for I could not get information of the Counties name in which he lives.  I trust Bro. Benjamin, you are still striving to enter in at the straight gate in order to escape the wrath of God.  O be faithful till death.  Remember me with becoming reverance to Father and Mother.  Give me compliments to B & S Brownin, to Sister Genney and to the rest of the family.

Adieu B. Goodner

David Goodner

David Goodner03.gif (564527 bytes) David Goodner04.gif (468734 bytes) David Goodner05.gif (540041 bytes) David Goodner07.gif (510673 bytes)
Copies of Letters from David Goodner

Copy of Letter from David Goodner, 1815.

Madison County, Mississippi Territory, 17th September, 1815.

Dear Relations,

Feeling myself bound to you by the strong ties of nature, thankfully embrace this opportunity of communicating a few thoughts to you by letter, hoping thereby to revive in you that spirit of intimacy which once existed between or in us, but now appears to be dead.  I am yet in the land of living, and with my little family enjoy tolerable health at present; and not withstanding I am widely separated from you, I have not forgotten you, but bear you in mind with that respect which is due you from me, and would rejoice in meeting with an opportunity of sitting awhile conversing with you as I once have done.  You may think that by changing my life I have forgotten you, but I have not, for you retain as great a seat in my affections as you formerly did, add I am as much as ever concerned for your properity and welfare.  My mind is flying while I am writing.  I'm thinking on seeing you all near

Turkey hill as though my dear Orpah and I, with the tender vine God has given us graciously was present with you.  O sweet thought.  But when I call home my thoughts I find myself in Madison; and some of you to whom I am writing may, perhaps, be in eternity––Ah! shall I see you all in time again?  (God knoweth).  If I do not, shall I meet you at the right hand of God? or shall. we be parted forever.  O let us strive to enter into, and enjoy that rest that remains for the people of God.  O what a happy scene will it be to see all the dear children of God meet in that rest.  Shall I be one?  If I am, shall I there meet my decreped, yea bound and withered Father, flourishing in the beauties, bloom and vigor of youth to rest from pain and trouble forever; and is that the place where I shall meet my affectionate Mother, who delights in the company and enjoyment of her children; and shall I there meet all their branches who, like me, have been fostered by their hands.  Surely, I shall if we all do end our courses in walking with Christ in lowness of life and meekness of spirit.

An address to the single part of the Family.

Being acquainted with the snares you are exposed to, I am concerned for you, and hope you will take no offense at the following remarks.  Be careful to associate with none whose manner of life is contrary to good breeding, for their spirits and practices are catching and stigmatizes all who are intimate with them.  A stained character can never be made clean in the estimation of men.  As I have in the course of my travels seen many young people who apparently inadvertantly changed their lives and thereby plunged themselves into a perpetual scene of unhappiness, I think it expedient to caution you to be careful in this matter if either of you should ever presume such a thing.  I would not have you to think that I am dissatisfied in my present situation; for, from near two years experience I can assert to you that I am blest in a companion.  Wherefore, being sensible of my own happiness in this respect, and the unhappiness of some others I caution you to be careful in forming an intimacy and contract of this nature.

I have bought one quarter section of land in Madison on which I have been living ever since the 23rd of last January.  My land is poor–excellent water.  I expect to live by my trade.  I have a great run of custom considering the times I have been here.  I expect Brother Jacob to engage in business with me in the ensuing winter.  I saw him a few weeks ago; he told me his family was in health at that time.  He has another daughter of and calls her name love.  The heir that I am honored with is a son.  He was born the 13th of March.  His name is Superior.  I expect to visit you when the opportunity offers.  Write to and visit me.  If you write by Post direct as follows, Huntville office, Mississippi Territory.

23rd Sept.  Religion is in a declining State, as far as my acquaintance extends.  If either of the boys are capable of business are disposed to learn the tanning business, and then carry it on where you live send them to me in fix not to be burdensome to Orpah and I will give them the trade on very moderate terms.  Observe, I have two apprentices already, which makes her charge heavy.  For the term of one year I have had sundry rheumatic attacts. Please to give my Compliments to Brother and Sister Brownin. I am respectfully,


David Goodner.

(To Conrade Goodner and

his family).

PS  Orpah desires to be remembered, with respect to you.

Copy of Letter From David Goodner To His Parents, Dated March 12th, 1817.

Original is in possession of Mrs. Frank H. Goit of Sarasota Florida.

Dear Parents,

Altho you are out of sight you are not out of mind and as you yet retain a seat in my affections I once more put you to the trouble of looking over som of my thoughts.

I am almost ready to conclude that you have got so fare towards the North that its chilling blasts had inclosed your memory and affections, but on parsuing Brother Benjamins (what shall I call it) Recollection of me (bearing the date 30th August 1816 which came to hand 13th December) I found a sentence or two that considerably removed my apprehensions of the death of your memory and affections; And at this place I take occasion to return you thanks for those two sentences; Observeing to Father that happiness in the Lord is a feast of pleasure and a treasure that naturel men, and carnal minds are strangers to, a greater enjoyment than all the Earth with her delusive charms can possibly afford.  It has just struck my mind that agreeable to record, upwards of Sixty years back you stept on the shores of time in helpless infancy.  Thirty and forty years back you was in the bloom and vigor, or rising to and crossing the Meredian of life.  Are you there yet, ah!  No, you have passed far; far down the evening of life and have gotten behind the Western hills of threescore years , with age and affliction hovering over a dusty bed and vast Eternity.

Is it there, O Father, is it there that thou are happy in the Lord.  Pleasing Most pleasing thought; A father almost stript of earthly enjoyments, yet blessed with a glorious prospect of soon enjoying an incorruptable fountain and treasure in heaven.  Whare shall I, an unworthy son, who was refreshed at thy table and protected by thy care many years, and partake of thy blessings, see thy face again.  Shall it be in Illinois.  If not there nor behind the western hills of three score years; Oh!  that it may be in Heaven where distance and death can part us no more and where blessings immortal shall Eternally transport our souls.  Try to live in Heaven while on Earth.

To Mother, who expresses a desire to see and hear me speak in publick, I would observe that was you to see me you would see one of your children, a son, who was much afflicted in infancy, and thereby greatly augmented thy troubles, a son who was foster'd in his afflictions by thy kind hand and brought on to Maturity, enjoying health and vigor, now much broke by spiritual, Temporal, labours and diseas.  Yet a mothers fondness of her child causes her to want to see the object that caused her trouble and most exquisite pain.  From experience in my own family I must admit that according to nature your desires of seeing me are stronger then mine are to seeing you; but I can assure you that it would be a great gratification to me to be with you; but the concerns of life bind me to my settled home.  My family consists of eight souls at present, and my offspring has increased from child to children, and from boy to boys.  The increase took place on the 30th of last January.  He is large, likely, very Cross and without a name.  Being disappointed in geting any of my brothers to live with me, my opportunity of visiting you will be very bad.

But should I see you no more on this side of Eternity I hope and trust in God I shall see you in Oceans of pleasure. It was not to be distant from you that I changed my life, and settled in this country.

Dear Orpah sweet and lovely charms

Inticed me to her friendly arms

Whare I a stream of pleasure found

Of earthly joys most pure and sound.

(Here followed a long poem, which because of lack of space is not being copied).

To my Brothers and Sisters who have not past from celibacy to a married life I would observe that I have a great desire to be with you and know your manner of life.  In one of my former letters I wrote an address particularly to you.  The effect it has had on your minds is unknown to me, but let it be good or bad, I know that nothing but a desire of your present and future welfare give use to it.  Un––––––I should from the same motives here offer now a few thoughts more I hope it will not be offensive.

The leisure hours you now enjoy should be most industriously improved in acquiring such knowledge as will recommend you to and qualify you for usefulness in civil society.  And in the meantime you should studdy to shew your selves approved in the sight of the Lord.  One good sentence wel treasured up is worth more than a large volume of froth, and if you crowd your mind with trash there will be no room for jewels there.  Mens best refined thoughts are commonly committed to print, therefore good books will be better companions for you then all the chaffy youngsters around Turkey Hill.

I want to know of you, Father and Mother, what your prospects are of giting a permanent home, that is whether you are likely to be able to procure a lot of land or not. Also whether you will or not let me have one of the boys to aid me in business.  I am verry needy of a hand to take charge and conduct my business for me as I am unable to work and verry often from home.  I will compensate you for their services if providence will permit, provided I can have some allowences made me for the trade either by them or you.  Godfrey has just entered his twentieth year, if he is willing, give me eighteen months of his time and I will cloth him and bord him and give you one hundred and forty–four Dollars, paying Eighty when the term expires and the balance the Christmas following.  Provided he will engage to work with me two years more on my promising to cloath and bord him and give him Eighty four Dollars.  I will take Francis on like terms provided he is capable of performing heavy work if you can spare him better than Godirey.  To Godfrey I would observe if you want the trade and are disposed to doe as much for your parants as you are bound to doe by the laws of God and man, you cannot with propriety ask it on better terms.  A young man twenty one years of age give me his indenture for four years on my promis–him corse cloaths, his bord, six months schooling and the trade.  The reason I want one of you is this (Here the letter was torn and illegible) then one half of my time to overlook the work.  I hope my good friend that you will call this LETTER from David, and not accuse him of being too savings of his paper, time and labour.  If I dont put compliment next I shall have to add another sheet, and that to you might be expensive.

My family is as well as they commonly are, and my better self joins me in wishing you all well.

D. Goodner

To Conrad & Elizabeth Goodner

and their family.

12th March, 1817.

(On outside of paper appeared the following.)

My late born son I have named Blooming, – I suppose you will not be surprised if I should visit you in July or September.  Jacob's second daughter of is dead, and the name of the third I have forgotten.  He is settleing ten miles from Columbia northward.

22nd March, my family is in its common state of health this morning. When I wrote this letter I wrote in haste expecting to copy it and mend some of its numberless defects, but as opportunity does not serve, you are presented with the original copy.  14th April, no material change since the date of this letter.  D. G.

(Original spelling conformed to in this copy. H. W. Lacey)

Letter from David Goodner to his parents, Conrad and Elizabeth Goodner.

November 30th, 1817.

Dear parents,

After compliments, I would just communicate a few thought to you.  May health and prosperity be yours, so long as it may be conductive of spiritual happiness.  After leaving you I journeyed with James, Katey, Jane and Godfrey to the fork of the road on this side Hopkinsville where we parted.  They went onto Carthage and I went on to the Nobs of Snow Creek on Duck River, where I found Jacob and his family in health and apparent prosperity.  He is in a likely way to make a good living in a short time.  I spent a week with him, and in the time of my stay with him preached his deceased daughter's funeral.  Jacob is yet as serious as ever and pre haps more so and is freer to converse in religion than ever I found him, and was particular to enquire and know of me whether you turned your attentions to religion as much as formerly.  Still waters sometimes run deep.  I got home safe, in eight weeks and two days after I started my journey, and found my concerns tolerable well.  Jane and Godfrey came on to my house (after having visited the three boys and their families in Tennessee) yesterday week.  Godfrey has laid out his accounts to work with me.  Jane expects to winter with me, and spend the spring and summer in Tennessee with her three kindred brothers.  I want to know of you as quick as you can obtain knowledge yourselves, when St. Gamy River lands shall be exposed to sale.  The territory in which I live has lately been cut off from Mississippi and is termed Alabama Territory.  After this direct your letters to Huntsville office, Alabama Territory.  Didn't let the fruits of Goshen cause you to LOATHE the precious fruits of Canaan.

My good Orpah sends compliments without number to you, and her best respects to all her kindred there.  Jane and Godfrey also desires to be remembered affectionately to you and them. I am, dear parents, respectfully your unworthy son,

David Goodner.


Conrade Goodner

Elizabeth Goodner.

PS  Blooming recovered his health the second day after I left your house and has been much healthier since than ever before.  He is well nigh as healthy a child to look at as Superior.  His cheeks are ruddy.  Oh! give my compliments to my sisters and brothers.

D. Goodner.

3c    David Goodner (1788–1848).  Married Orpha Rosebrough.

1d    Superior Goodner (1815–1885).  Married Martha Cruse Williams (1820–1871).

1e    Blooming Cruse Goodner (1844–1923).

2e    William Samuel Goodner (1848–1887).

3e    Mary Elizabeth Goodner (1845–1928).

4e    David Milton Goodner (1849–1932).

2d    Blooming Goodner (1816–1838).  Unmarried.

3d    Samuel Goodner (1822– [date unknown]).  Died childhood.

4d    Malinda Goodner (1819–1897).  Married Henry C. Stilwell (1814–1873).

1e    Thomas Stilwell (1839–1862?).

2e    Orpha Stilwell ([date unknown] – [date unknown]).

3e    Blooming Goodner Stilwell (1845–1929).

4e    Mary Jane Stilwell (1851–[date unknown]).

5d    Eliza Bennis Goodner (or Eliza Bernice).  Married John H. Harper.

6d    Martha Thompson Goodner (1827–1898).  Married Thomas W. Ice.

1e    Matilda E. Ice (1850– [date unknown]).

2e    Blooming H. Ice (1852–1931).

3e    Sarah Franklin Ice (1855–1880).

4e    Orpha Jane Ice (1857–1931).

5e    Eliza Alabama Ice (1859–1891).

6e    Thomas Lutitia Ice (1862–1888)

7d    David Goodner (1830– [date unknown]).  Died Childhood.

3c    David Goodner, born 10–26–1788, Sullivan County, Tennessee; died 10–25–1848, Madison County, Alabama.  Married Orpha Rosebrough, 10–24–1813, in Fayetteville, Lincoln County, Tennessee (born 2–28–1790, Bourbon County, Tennessee; died 10–22–1851. Daughter of William & Margaret Rosebrough).

1d    Superior Goodner, born 3–13–1815; died 8–30–1885, Kelso Station, Tennessee.  Interred Kelso Cemetery, Kelso, Tennessee.  Succeeded to the tanning business of his father with whom he had been in partnership, and also fell heir to the old homestead in Madison County, Alabama.  Married Martha Cruse Williams, 11–12–1843 (born 1820; died 12–25–1871, daughter of William Williams).  Resided on the old Goodner homestead in Madison County, Alabama, and carried on the tanning business until well after the end of the Civil War.

1e    Blooming Cruse Goodner, born 8–25–1844; died 1–24–1923, Quanah, Texas.  Born in Madison County, Alabama.  In 1861 volunteered for service in the Confederate Army and served through the Civil War with the Army of the Tennessee.  At end of war, he was paroled, returned home, and married Miss Lizzie Russey in or near New Market, Alabama.  Miss Russey was born 12–1–1844, and died 1–29–1930, the daughter of E. E. Russey of Bowie, Texas.  In 1872, he and his family moved to Dallas County, Texas, and from there to Denton County, and then later to Clay County, where he resided for 30 years.  He moved to Quanah, Texas, in 1908, where he was living at the time of his death at the age of 79 years.  He was Chaplain of Camp Rodes, No. 661, UCV.  Member of Concord Presbyterian Church.  Interred in or near Quanah, Texas.

1f    Emmet Goodner, born 1868; died 1880.

2f    Minnie Goodner, born 1870; died 4–7–1900.  Married G. P. Hister.

1g    Ora Hister.  Married Mr. Goodrum.  Residence: Henrietta, Texas, Box 623.  No data.

2g    Milton Hister.  Residence: Paris, Texas.  (This is only a partial list of the children.  Unable to secure more data on this branch).

3f    William Goodner, born 1872; died 1938.  Married Ella [name unknown].  No data.

4f    James Lee Goodner, born 12–3–1875, died 12–8–1924.  Interred in Blue Grove, Texas.  Farmer. Presbyterian.  Married Lula Admire, 9–24–1899 (died 12–30–1950, daughter of Jim Admire).

1g    Roy Lee Goodner, born 6–9–1901, at Montague, Texas.  Residence: Henrietta, Texas.  Route One. Occupation–Ranch Work.  Married 1st Dovie Daniels, 1–20–1923 (born 1903, daughter of Pearl Daniels).  Divorced 1934.

1h    James William Goodner, born 5–30–1925, Henrietta, Texas.  Married Wanda Louise Grantham, 4–14–1946 (born 7–17–1927, at Wildorado, Texas, daughter of Ross Grantham).

1i    Judy Gayle Goodner, born 9–5–1948, Amarillo, Texas.

2i    Larry Wayne Goodner, born 2–8–1951, Amarillo, Texas.

3i    James Richard Goodner, born 3–21–1957, Amarillo, Texas.

Dovie Daniels Goodner, after her divorce from Roy Lee Goodner, married Otto Wetsel, who formally adopted James William Goodner, above, so he and his children carry the name of Wetsel.  Reside in Vega, Texas.

2h    Margaret Louise Goodner, born 7–21–1927, in Henrietta, Texas.  Legally adopted by Otto Wetsel, her step–father.  Married Dean Whaley, 3–31–1946 (born 10–11–1925, Marlow, Oklahoma, son of Luke).

1i    James Douglas Whaley, born 8–15–1947, Amarillo, Texas).

2i    Harvey Dean Whaley, Jr, born 1–31–1949, Hereford, Texas.

3h    Wyneth Lee Goodner, born 8–29–1931, Henrietta, Texas. Legally adopted by Otto Wetsel, her step–father, so she carried the name of Wetsel.  Married Charlie Woodrow Burks, 10–1–1949 (born 4–25–1925, Sayre, Oklahoma, son of S. C. Burks).

1i    Gary Pat Burks, born 10–29–1950, Hereford, Texas.

2i    Diana Pearl Burks, born 7–1–1954, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

3i    Dandra Kay Burks, born 1–4–1956, Amarillo, Texas.

(Dovie Daniels (Goodner) Wetsel had a child by Otto Wetsel, named Alma Jo, who married Gerald R. Sides, and had issue).

Roy Lee Goodner married 2nd Grace Alice Stokes, 12–24–1937, a widow or divorcee (born 2–21–1906, at Boyd, Texas, daughter of B. Splawn).  Residence: Route One, Henrietta, Texas.  Mr. Goodner is suffering from anthrax, a rare disease.  No issue.

2g    Willie Cruse Goodner, born 10–15–1903, Clay County, Texas. Employed by Lone Star Gas, Company.  Married Minnie Ohair, 1944, Wichita Falls, Texas (born 6–28– [date unknown]) Wise County, Texas).  Minnie Ohair has a son, Bill, by a previous marriage, and now resides in Quanah, Texas.  Residence: 2111 Yale Avenue, Wichita Falls, Texas.  No issue.

3g    Glennie May Goodner, born 11–21–1905.  Married Mr. Mullins.  Residence: Route One, Montague, Texas. No data.

4g    Ernest L. Goodner, born 8–27–1907.  Residence: Henrietta, Texas.  No data.

5g    Jimmie C. Goodner, born 7–31–1910.  Residence:  Wichita Falls, Texas. No data.

6g    Lula M. Goodner, born 11–2–1912, Blue Grove, Texas.  Married Arthur Clyte Daniel 4–4–1931 (born 10–1–1908, Bellevue, Texas.  Son of W. W. Daniel).  Members Church of Christ, Residence: Box 43, Henrietta, Texas.

1h    Raymond Clyte Daniel, born 1–4–1932.  Married Billie Louise Lee, 7–21–1956, daughter of Louis Houston Lee).  Cowboy.  Methodist.  Residence:  Box 1313, Vernon, Texas.

1i    Casey Jim Daniel, born 7–26–1957.

2h    Alma Delores Daniel, born 11–6–1935. Married Billy H. Rickman (born 7–2–1931, son of Hugh Rickman).  Truck Driver.  Members Church of God.  Residence: 2718 California Street, Wichita Falls, Texas.

1i    Tena Marie Rickman, born 4–23–1955.

2i    Vickie Lou Rickman, born 12–6–1957.

3h    Lauren Elmer Daniel, born 1–1–1938.

4h    Bobby Lee Daniel, born 2–14–1942.

5h    Patsy Lou Daniel, born 12–25–1943.

6h    Carolyn Sue Daniel, born 7–1–1949.

7h    Ronnie Mack Daniel, born 9–4–1951.

7g    Myrtle A. Goodner, born 9–4–1914, Henrietta, Texas.  Married Walter James Evans, 9–3–1941, El Reno, Oklahoma (born 7–28–1902, son of E. E. Evans).  Residence: Route One, Grapevine, Texas. Box 120. No issue.

8g    Woodrow Alfred Goodner, born 1–27–1918, Blue Grove, Texas.  Served in Army 34 months.  Farmer.  Baptist.  Married Juanita Woodruff, 2–13–1945 (born 2–12–1926, in Wolfe City, Hunt County, Texas, daughter of Robert Woodruff).  Residence: Vega, Texas.

1h    Carlton Alfred Goodner, born 11–16–1945.

9g    Grace Elizabeth Goodner, born 2–27–1918.  Married Charles Estridge, 1–2–1940, (born in Kentucky, son Adam Estridge) Carpenter.  Members Church of Christ.  Residence: 502 East Spring Street, Henrietta, Texas.

1h    Charles Franklin Estridge, born 4–12–1942; died 12–22–1945.

2h    Barbara Ann Estridge, born 4–7–1949, Henrietta, Texas.

3h    Brenda Elizabeth Estridge, born 2–25–1951, Henrietta, Texas.

10g    Ray Allison Goodner, born 9–9–1923, Henrietta, Texas.

5f      Adeline ("Addie") Goodner, born 3–5–1877; died 6–10–1924.  Married James Monroe Willis (died March, 1913).

1g    James Ray Willis, born 5–31–1910.  Married Ida N. Flanders.  Residence: 306 High School Lane, Irving, Texas.

1h    James Ray Willis, Junior, born 7–31–1940.

2h    Linda Kay Willis, born 9–3–1942.

2g    Dorothy Ruby Willis, born 1–1–1905, in Oklahoma.  Married Manuel Castello Zapata, 3–8–1922. Born in Mexico.  Paint Contractor.  Methodist.  Residence: 1007 Elmdale Place, Dallas, Texas.

1h    Carmen Dalores Zapata, born 8–24–1925.  Married S.F. Cade, Jr, 1–21–1949.  Residence: 6530 Lake Hurst, Dallas, Texas.

1i    Christi Camille Cade, born 12–19–1949.

2i    Sidney Fay Cade, born 10–27–1951.

3i    Nicholas King Cade, born 8–20–1954.

4i    Richard Michael Cade, born 3–7–1956.

2h    Mitzi Marjorie Zapata, born 7–15–1930; died 4–12–1953, from cancer.  Married Weldon L Moore, 3–27–1951.  No issue.

3h    Jerry Ray Zapata, born 10–16–1936.  Musician, a drummer in the "Big Beata Band.”  Recorded for Columbia Records. Single.

6f     Donnie Cloud Goodner, born 1880, or 1881.  Residence: Henrietta, Texas. Mail address, General Delivery.  Presbyterian.  Married 1st Mabel [name unknown].  Later divorced.

1g    Gladys Irene Goodner, born 8–22–1903, near Snyder, Oklahoma.  Reared by her mother's parents.  Married 1st Harry Barrett, 9–1–1920, at Blackfoot, Idaho.  Machinist with UPRR.  Divorced.

1h    Harry J. Barrett, born 6–1–1921 at Pocatello, Idaho.  Aircraft Fire Control Technician.  Protestant.  Residence: 12782 Bluebell Avenue, Anaheim, California.  Married 1st Gwynetha (Burgess) Bowers, 1945 in Reno, Nevada.  Injury at age 14 resulted in osteomylitis.

1i    Harry Wayne Barrett, born 2–13–1946.

2i    Danny Eric Barrett, born 7–14–1948.  

Married 2nd Ann Starke, January 1927.  No issue.

2h    Jack Barrett, born 1–23–1923, Deer Lodge, Montana.  Married and divorced.  Formerly resided in Long Beach, California. Present address unknown.  Protestant.  Served in Air Force 1942 to 1945, European Theatre.  No issue.

Gladys Irene Goodner Barrett married 2nd Lester David, 6–21–19.10, Reno, Nevada.  Machinist Senior Grade (born 6–19–1909, son of George H. David).  Protestant.  Residence: 315 West 49th Street, Seattle, Washington. No issue.

2g    Ben Ezra Goodner, born 1907, near Snyder, Oklahoma.  Reared by mother's parents.  Roofing Foreman.  Residence: 307 West 52nd Street, Seattle, Washington.  Married Clara F. Dittmer (born 8–13–1910, near Cheyenne, Oklahoma).  No issue.

Donnie Cloud Goodner and wife, Mabel, were divorced shortly after birth of their 2nd child, Ezra, in 1907.  Married 2nd Nara [name unknown].  No issue.

7f     Ida Goodner, born 8–27–1883; died 8–23–1957.  Married Otis Clement Albin, born Birmingham, Alabama.  Ida interred in Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1g    Son, died in infancy.  Interred in Roswell, New Mexico.

2g    Daughter, died in infancy.

3g    Homer Haskell Albin, born 7–17–1908, Chicasha, Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.  Owner  and Operator of Standard Auto Parts Company at Nowata, Oklahoma, 308 East Cherokee Street.  Members of First Christian Church.  Married Audrey Elizabeth Fincannen, 7–2–1932 (born Fairview, Missouri, daughter of Gorden Fincannen).

1h    Judith Ann Albin, born 10–27–1937. Attended Stephens College at Columbia, Missouri.  Married John Ward Clingan, 8–12–1956, at Bartlesville, Oklahoma (born 2–21–1938, son of Wendell Paul Clingan, Sr).  Student at Independence Junior College, Independence, Kansas.  Residence: 516 North Street, Independence, Kansas.

1i    Kim Elizabeth Clingan, born 3–11–1957.

2h    Kay Sue Albin, born 12–20–1940.

3h    William Gordon Albin, born 4–7–1948.

4g    Sadye Margaret Albin, born 5–30–1902, Chickasaw, Oklahoma.  Married Jay Cecil Downs, 4–10–1924, Peoria, Illinois (born 9–2–1900; died 3–19–1957, interred in Reno, Nevada.  Son William Edgar and Mary Jabe Downs).  Musician & Violinist.  Margaret is employed as traveling representative for Nellie Don, Incorporated, 3500 E 17th Street, Kansas City, Kansas.  Residence: 1138 B Country Club Drive, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1h    William Cecil Downs, born 5–10–1926, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cost Accountant. Presbyterian.  Residence: 15 North 49th West Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Served in Army 3 years with 96th Infantry Division and 2nd Armored Division.  Married Josephine Snyder, 12–31–1948 (born 10–2–1925, daughter of Everett Snyder).

1i    William Cecil Downs, Junior, born 9–7–1949.

2i    Joe Douglas Downs, born 2–11–1952.

3i    Jacqueline Deborah Downs, born 3–7–1956.

8f    Ollie Goodner, born 1886; died 1918. Single.

9f     Edward Blooming Goodner, born 11–8–1888, Doctor, Blue Grove, Texas.  In Commission Business.  Presbyterian.  Married Effie Vail, 8–22–1910.  Residence: Parkview Apts. #13, Henrietta, Texas.

1g    Ruby Goodner, born 4–7–1912; died 1941.  Married Mr. Roberts; died 1936.

1h    Eddie Ray Roberts, born 1935.  Served in Navy in 1953.  Residing with his Aunt Hazel Goodner Oldfield, 1311 San Jose Drive Grants, New Mexico.  Single.

2g    Hazel Elizabeth Goodner, born 2–14–1914, Bowie, Texas.  Married Clarence Roland Oldfield, 4–6–1931, son of Zenith.  Mechanic.  Baptists.  Residence: 1311 San Jose Drive Grants, New Mexico.

1h    Barney Wayne Oldfield, born 11–24–1931.

2h    James Roland Oldfield, born 12–14–1933.  Married Addie Lou [name unknown].  Divorced.

1i    Kerry Ann Oldfield, born 3–11–1957.

3h    Virginia Ruth Oldfield, born 7–19–1935.  Married William ("Bill") Brown.  Residence: 588 Central, Apt. #2, Los Alamos, New Mexico.  No issue.

4h    Patricia Ann Oldfield, born 10–5–1937.

5h    Roy Earl Oldfield, born 3–14–1940.

3g    Edward Blooming Goodner, Jr, born 11–10–1916.  Oil Well Driller.  Married Katherine Rebecca Harris, 12–31–1934 (born 3–25–1919, daughter of H. P. Harris).  Members First Christian Church.  Residence: Route One, Henrietta, Texas.

1h    Eddie Milton Goodner, born 9–27–1936. In U.S. Navy. Address: A. N. Special Service, NAS, Chincoteague, Virginia.  Single.

2h    Marion Preston Goodner, born 7–14–1938. In US Navy. Address:  A N V–2, Division, Air Department, U.S. Ranger (CVA–61)  C/O NPO New York, New York.  Married Jerry Ann Lucas.  No issue.

3h    Ronald Joe Goodner, born 11–13–1939, twin of Rebecca.

4h    Rebecca Joan Goodner, born 11–13–1939, twin of Ronald.  Married Bobby D. Crawford.  Residence: Box 416, Henrietta, Texas.

1i    Cynthia Jo Crawford, born 8–20–1956.

2i    Ricky Dene Crawford, born 5–28–1958.

2e    William Samuel Goodner, born 1848, in New Market, Madison County, Alabama; died 1887 in Sulphur Springs.  Hopkins County, Texas, and interred there.  Received his higher education and DDS Degree in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Married Margaret Ollie Tomlinson, 10–14–1875 (born 8–24–1855; died 3–6–1942).  Miss Tomlinson was the daughter of E. L W. Tomlinson, a lawyer of distinction and note, whose books on law are still used in Texas.  He was called "Squire" Tomlinson.  After the death of Mr. Goodner, widow took the children to Fort Worth, Texas, where they resided for several years.  Later she moved with them to Long Beach, California, and then to Hollywood, California, where she died.  Interred in "Hallowed Ground,” in Hollywood, California.

1f      Annie Eulalie Goodner, born 1–31–1877, in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Married William Anthony Lighter, 6–28–1896 (born 2–4–1876 in America.  Son of Baron Wilhelm Von Lichter, a German, and his wife, who was a French girl, name unknown.  The name Lichter was changed to Lighter.)  Mr. Lighter was a cotton broker.  In the discharge of his duties he made numerous trips to Europe, on many of which Annie accompanied him.  A speaker of several languages. Mr. Lighter is deceased, and Mrs. Lighter resides at 4739 Dryades Street, New Orleans 15, Louisiana.

1g    Vivienne Franqezka Lighter, born 9–2–1897, Ft. Worth, Texas.  Married Cornelius A. Vernoy, Jr, 10–24–1917, Dallas, Texas (born 8–31–1892).  Navy, 1917–1918.  Catholic.  Retired.  Residence: 6249 Locke Lane, Houston 27, Texas.

1h    Valma Vernoy, born 1–29–1927.  Married Edwin A. Reed, 8–25–1947.  Engineer.  Graduate of MIT.  Valma is a Catholic and Edwin is a Congregationalist from Ohio.  Residence: 6243 Briar Rose Drive Houston 27, Texas.

1i    Vivienne Marie Reed, born 3–14–1951.

2i    Luisa Clare Reed, born 4–21–1954.

3i    Edwin A. Reed, Junior, 5–4–1958.

2g    William Anthony Lighter, Jr.  Residence: New Orleans, Louisiana.  No data.

3g    Goodner Ayers Lighter.  Residence: 4104 Prytanier Street, New Orleans 15, Louisiana.  No data.

2f     Rena Cruse Goodner, born 2–26–1879; died 1944.  Interred in Oxnard, California. Single.

3f     Edward Superior Goodner, born 7–2–1881, Sulpher Springs, Texas; died 12–24–1957 in Santa Ana, California.  Evidently interred there.  For many years was engaged in the wholesale grocery business in Wichita Falls, Texas, using the trade name, "Goodner Wholesale Grocery.”  He served as President.  While his middle name was Superior, he disliked it, and used instead the name Steven.  Later in life, he retired and moved to Santa Ana, California.  He was known as a "fine Christian gentleman.”  Married Mary Grow, daughter of Presbyterian Minister.

1g    Marguerite Elizabeth Goodner, born 11–19–1909, Gainesville, Texas.  Married Henry ("Harry") Owen, 8–30–1939, in Chefoo, China (born 3–1–19––, son of Henry Owen).  Minister and missionary.  Church affiliation–Independent.  Residence: 238 South Avenue, 51, Los Angeles 42, California.

1h    Mary Elizabeth Owen, born 9–25–1942.

2h    Norman Goodner Owen, born 1–23–1944.

3h    Stephen Henry Owen, born 3–2–1949.

2g    Mary MacClelland Goodner, born 2–12–1912, Gainesville, Texas (Uses a shortened name of "Marymac")  Married Richard Kenneth Maas, 10–23–1936, at Los Angeles, California (born 10–12–1914, at Kansas City, Missouri, son of William A. & Josephine (Westfall) Maas).  Naval Officer, Retired.  Now serving as Procurement Specialist for Aerojet–General Corporation.  Served in Navy from 1943 to 1958.  Presbyterian.  Residence: 1531 South First Street, Arcadia, California.

1h    David Edward Maas, born 2–10–1940.

2h    Richard William Maas, born 6–25–1942.

3h    Donald Kenneth Maas, born 1–14–1944.

4h    Robert Stephen Maas, born 12–21–1947.

3g    Dorothy Rose Goodner, born 1–3–1914, Gainesville, Texas.  Married Clyde Johnstone Kennedy, 9–6–1938, Santa Ana, California (born 7–2–1907, son of Horace Kennedy).  Minister of Gospel of Bible Presbyterian Church.  Residence: 4112 North 38th Street, Tacoma 7, Washington.

1h    Mary Carolyn Kennedy, born 10–21–1939.

2h    Kathleen Davis Kennedy, born 9–18–1950.

3h    Janice Lynne Kennedy, born 8–2–1953.

4g    Jane Scott Goodner, born 2–22–1917, Gainesville, Texas.  Married Neil Bergman Nellis, 6–6–1942, at Justin, Texas (born 1–14–1917, son of Neil M. Nellis).  Missionary among the Zapateco Indians in Southern Oaxaca, and now has a church of over 100 members.  Bible Translator.  Member of Calvary Church of Santa Ana, California.  Interdenominational.  Residence: 13 Poinente y Chietla, Puebla, Puebla, Mexica.

1h    Donald Goodner Nellis, born 8–7–1945.

2h    Mary Jane Nellis, born 10–17–1951.

3h    Dorothy Agnes Nellis, born 1–30–1954, twin of David.

4h    David Neil Nellis, born 1–30–1954, twin of Dorothy.

4f     Ellen Mary Goodner, born about 1884, in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Moved with mother to Ft. Worth, Texas, at an early age and received education there.  Married Walter Edwin Rogers, 7–21–1909, in Ft. Worth, Texas (born 2–5–1878; died 12–15–1914; son of Ernest J. Rogers).  Dentist.  Ellen Mary now resides at 4435½ Burns Avenue, Hollywood 29, California, and was employed in the Internal Revenue Office in Los Angeles, California.  Now retired.

1g    Reverend Edwin Pratt Rogers, born 3–18–1912. Minister of the Gospel.  Married Margaret Athearn Yoder, 5–26–1942.  Residence: Phoenix, Arizona, PO Box 7158.

1h    David Edwin Rogers, born 11–3–1945.

5f     Ollie Jane Mae Goodner, born 2–13–1886, Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Moved with mother to Ft. Worth, Texas, where received her education.  Married Stewart P. MacLennan, 9–28–1911 at Long Beach, California (born 10–10–1884, Sydney, Nova Scotia; died 7–26–1954, in Los Angeles, California.  Son of Duncan).  Mr. MacLennan was a Minister of the Gospel, and Pastor of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Hollywood, California, for 20 years.  He was Pastor when the new edifice was built and was instrumental in its erection.  Mrs. MacLennan resides at 1007 Malcolm Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

1g    Gordon Stewart MacLennan, born 9–8–1912, Long Beach, California.  Served in World War II, as Sgt. in Air Force, Head Communications Department at Brazil, South America, stationed at Natal, Air Transport Base, June 1943 to April 1946.  Manufacturer's Representative.  Married Irene Church, 8–14–1940, Hollywood, California (born 8–14–1918, Little Rock, Arkansas, daughter of Robert L. Church).  Residence: 637 University Avenue, Burbank, California.

1h    Malcolm Stewart MacLennan, born 7–5–1954.

2g    Duncan Knox MacLennan, born 7–13–1914, Long Beach, California.  Was Major in Air Force in World War II; entered May 1942, and went into reserve status May 1946.  Was Chief of B–29 Aircraft Production Project, Procurement Division, 1944–1946, at Wright–Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio, and was awarded Legion of Merit in 1946 for his outstanding work in that field.  Owner of D. K. MacLennan Company, Aircraft Manufacturers Representative.  Married Belle Steitz (born 3–11–1916, at Los Angeles, California, daughter of J. Ray Steitz).  Presbyterian.  Residence: 208 Pentoresca Drive Pacific Palisades, California.

1h    Bruce MacLennan, born 8–4–1949.

3g    Edward Goodner MacLennan, born 3–29–1916, Xenia, Ohio.  Sales Manager.  Presbyterian.  Married Lucy Hunter, 9–1–1938 (born 1–21–1916, Los Angeles, California, daughter of Robert T. Hunter).  Residence: 4937 Biloxi Avenue, North Hollywood, California.

1h    Peggy Lou MacLennan, born 6–30–1939.

2h    Robert Stewart MacLennan, born 5–20–1941.

3h    Candice Grace MacLennan, born 5–6–1947.

4g    Kenneth William MacLennan, born 3–20–1922, Hollywood, California.  Served in World War II as 1st Lieutenant in Air Force.  Took cadet training as pilot, and became Flying Instructor at Merced AAAF Base, California.  Transferred to Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio, on Air Material Command, Procurement Division for 2 years.  Sent then to Florida as Test Pilot for Wright–Patterson Test Base there.  After Japanese surrender was sent to San Bernardino, California, at Test Base.  Received discharge 2–19–1946.  After discharge lived in Seattle, Washington, for 3 years as Sales Engineer for Boeing Aircraft.  Went to Los Angeles in 1949 with Round the Clock Hosiery, and is presently Southwest Sales Manager for Sapphire Hosiery.  Presbyterian. Married Mary Ellen Hunter, 3–3–1951 in Los Angeles, California (born 8–12–1924, San Diego, California, daughter of Floyd William Hunter.  Residence: 7507 Midbury Drive Dallas, Texas.

1h    Cheryl MacLennan, born 12–20–1954, Dallas, Texas.

5g    Margaret Anne MacLennan, born 4–1–1926, Los Angeles, California.  Married George Glenn Buchanan, 9–8–1951, Beverly Hills, California (born 7–23–1921, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Son of George and Agnes Buchanan). Served 4 years in Army World War II.  Members Westwood Presbyterian Church.  In Insurance Business.  Residence: 2913A South Sepulveda, Los Angeles 64, California.

1h      Barbara Ann Buchanan, born 3–6–1957.

3e    Mary Elizabeth ("Mollie") Goodner, born 12–23–1845; died 1–1–1928. Interred in Fayetteville Cemetery, Fayetteville, Tennessee.  Married James Donald Buchanan (born 8–12–1845; died 1–9–1914.  Son of John M. Buchanan).  Farmer.  Resided in or near Howell, Tennessee.

1f     Ed. Clyde Buchanan, born 8–22–1873; died 5–14–1946.  Interred in Hillcrest Cemetery, Holly Springs, Mississippi.  Merchant and Plantation Owner.  Resided at one time in Swan Lake, Mississippi, and in Greenwood, Mississippi.  Apparently also lived, in later years, in or near Holly Springs, Mississippi. Methodist.  Married Ninnah ("Mims") Cochran, 1–3–1911 (born 5–3–1881, daughter of John Rutland and Sara Cochran).  Widow resides at 207 W Jefferson, Greenwood, Mississippi.  Mrs. Buchanan is a member of the DAR, Historian of her Chapter.  Chairman of Good Citizens Committee, Chairman of Women in WSCS, and active in Church and Sunday School Work.

1g    Sara Mims Buchanan, born 10–19–1911.  Teacher in Private Episcopal School.  Married E. M (Edward) Shymanski, 9–2–1942.  Residence: 4540 Canal Street, Apt. G, New Orleans, Louisiana.  No issue.

2g    Mary Elizabeth Buchanan, born 5–2–1913.  Married Laurence Metcalfe, 10–21–1939.  Residence: Greenville, Mississippi. Box 2886.

1h    Elizabeth Mims ("Mimsy") Metcalfe, born 11–18–1940.

2h    Ruth Telle Metcalfe, born 4–11–1943.

3h    Laurence ("Larry") Rutland Metcalfe, born 5–4–1946.  Twin of Ed.

4h    Ed Buchanan Metcalfe, born 5–4–1946. Twin of Laurence.

2f     Milton Goodner Buchanan, born 5–6–1875; died 7–9–1947.  Married and resided in Fayetteville, Tennessee.  Widow is living and resides at 307 South Elks Avenue, Fayetteville, Tennessee.  No issue.

3f     Pearl Ella Buchanan, born 5–24–1877, at Howell, Tennessee.  Married A. F. Eddins.  Resided in Bealton, Virginia.  Pearl Ella was killed in 1956 in an automobile accident.

1g    Helen Eddins, born 8–12–1908, Smithville, Arkansas.  Married James Walter Miller, 10–15–1931, Bealeton, Virginia (born 3–31–1909, son of James P. F. Miller).  Dairy Farmer.  Presbyterian.  Residence: Bealeton, Virginia.

1h    James Walter Miller, Jr, born 8–15–1932.  Married Marjorie Ann Hensley, 11–27–1954, in Culpepper, Virginia.  No issue (1958).

2h    Sadie Pearl Miller, born 9–8–1935.  Married Theodore Edward Dodson, 10–6–1956, at Morrisville, Virginia. No issue (1958).

3h    Richard Camerson Miller, born 9–1–1938.  Married Marian Mary Lean Weeks, 11–2–1956, at Warrenton, Virginia.  No issue (1958).

2g    Richard Donald Eddins, born 3–25–1914, at May, Oklahoma. Served in Army 7 years.  Warehouse Foreman.  Presbyterian.  Married Mary Fincham, 6–3–1948 (born 10–1–1921, daughter of Ernest C. Fincham).  Residence: Warrenton, Virginia.

1h    Linda Marie Eddins, born 11–18–1948.

2h    Darline Eddins, born 7–24–1951.

3h    Sandra Kay Eddins, born 11–21–1957.

4f      Ollie Cruse ("Lizzie") Buchanan, born 3–8–1879; died 8–29–1895.

5f      Vernia Cruse Buchanan, born 11–30–1881; died 7–11–1899.

6f     Jimmie D. Buchanan, a daughter of, born 10–3–1884; died 11–6–1913.  Interred in Fayetteville, Tennessee.  Married Homer Pylant (born 8–29–1880; died 3–11–1948, son of William W. Pylant). Salesman for Murray Gin Company.

1g    Douglas Pylant, born 12–26–1906, Howell, Lincoln County, Tennessee.  In home maintenance business.  Presbyterian.  Married Leila Penn, 12–25–1937 (born 2–11–1907, daughter of James H. and Annie (Wade) Penn).  Residence: 1213 Stratford Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee.

1h    Annie Beth Pylant, born 8–24–1938.  Married Ray Donald Hawkins, 8–30–1957.  Residing with Annie's parents.  Both are students at Middle Tennessee State College, Murfreesboro.

2h    Jimmie D. Pylant, born 1–23–1943; died 2–9–1943.

2g    Malcolm Milton Pylant, born 1–4–1909, Tennessee.  Merchant. Baptist.  Married Mayme Jewel Hagy, 4–4–1930 (born 5–16–1908, daughter of Everett E. Hagy).  Married at Holly Springs, Mississippi.  Residence: Winnbora, Texas.

1h    Peggy Jewel Pylant, born 9–11–1934.  Married Ralph A. Marcom.  Residence:  1209 North Virginia, Apt. #3, El Paso, Texas.

1i    Lance Anthony Marcom, born 9–10–1957.

2h    Malcolm Milton Pylant, Jr, born 8–30–1936.

3g    Kathryn Pylant, born 4–20–1913, Howell, Tennessee.  Married 1st James K. Taylor, Jr, 11–7–1941, Grass Valley, California.  Married 2nd William Arthur McNally, Jr, 6–29–1951 (born 1–25–1908). In lumber business.  Protestant.  Residence: 36 Sunset Avenue, Grass Valley, California.  No issue by either marriage.

7f     John T. Buchanan, born 1–6–1887, Lincoln County, Tennessee.  Farmer.  Member Cumberland Church.  Married Lorna Lee Wakefield, 4–3–1917 (born 2–11–1893, daughter of Sam Wakefield.  She died 1–18–1951).  Residence: Fulton Addition, Fayetteville, Tennessee.  No issue.

8f      Billie B. Buchanan, born 8–31–1888, Howell, Tennessee.  Merchant.  Member Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Married Pauline Orrick, 6–1–1911 (born 11–9–1890, daughter of John Orrick).  Residence: Athens, Alabama, Box 325.

1g    Harold Wright Buchanan, born 12–11–1914.  Used Car Manager.  Baptist.  Married Ruth Deming Sweetland, 8–13–1936 (born 9–9–1916, daughter of Sig. and Grace Sweetland).  Residence: 10131 East Outer Drive Detroit, Michigan.

1h    Pamela Buchanan, born 11–3–1945.

2h    Susan Dawn Buchanan, born 2–4–1948.

3h    Deming Wright Buchanan, born 10–17–1949.

2g    William Harry Buchanan, born 8–27–1917. Agricultural Agent. Methodist.  Married Elsie Miller, 2–10–1935 (born 2–11–1916, daughter of Chase K. and Sarah Miller).  Residence: Route Six, Florence, Alabama.

1h    James Daniel Buchanan, born 7–23–1938.

2h    Sarah Pauline Buchanan, born 12–18–1942.

9f     Ora Lee Buchanan, born 9–27–1891; died 1937.  Married Thomas P. Bryant, 1912 (born 9–18–1890, son of Rufus).  Police Officer.  Residence: Route Two, Petersburg, Tennessee.

1g    Virginia Bryant, born 10–25–1914, Blakeville, Tennessee.  Married 1st George Woodrow Scott, 11–23–1932 (killed in an automobile accident, 7–30–1935).

1h    George Thomas Scott, born 7–15–1934.  Married Annette Ruth Page, 2–12–1947.  Address: 500 W Washington Street, Fayetteville, Tennessee, C/O Mrs. James R. Sherwood.  No issue.

Married 2nd James Robert Sherwood, 2–5–1938, Kelso, Tennessee.  Tank Truck Salesman for American Oil Company (born 9–16–1902, son of William Fulton Sherwood).  Members of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Residence: 500 W Washington Street, Fayetteville, Tennessee.

2h    James Robert Sherwood, Jr, born 3–5–1939.

2g    Vernia Bryant, born 7–21–1916, Lincoln County, Tennessee.  Married J. W. George, 11–24–1937 (born 1–11–1915, son of W. C. George). Salesman for Lance, Incorporated.  Members of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Residence: West Commerce Street, Lewisburg, Tennessee.

1h    William Gerald George, born 1–4–1940.

2h    Ralph David George, born 3–16–1943.

3h    Phylis Sue George, born 9–1–1949.

3g    Jimmie Ruth Bryant (daughter of), born 11–14–1918, Petersburg, Tennessee.  Married Herman Scott, 1–6–1937, at Shelbyville, Tennessee (born 7–13–1916, son of Ed. W. Scott). Merchant. Members of Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  Residence:  Petersburg, Tennessee.

1h    Wanda Lee Scott, born 8–15–1937.

2h    James Edward Scott, born 4–10–1941.

3h    Gary Alton Scott, born 5–26–1946.

4e    David Milton Goodner, born 1–26–1849; died 8–28–1932.  Graduate of School of Medicine, University of Alabama in 1876, successor to the Old Mobile Medical College.  Licensed to practice medicine in 1889, and practiced for 50 years.  Resided in Fayetteville, Tennessee, and was Mayor of the city at one time; also served as City Judge and Justice of the Peace.  Married Naomi Rentz, 1876, in Texas, of German descent (born 6–10–1856; died 4–16–1942).  Both interred in Kelso, Tennessee.

1f     Daughter, name unknown  Born about 1880; died 1902.  Married Dr. J. M. McWilliams (died 1–15–1917).  No issue.

2f     Daughter.  Died infancy.

2d    Blooming Goodner, born 1–30–1817, Huntsville, Alabama; died About 1838.*  A Methodist Minister.  Died of exposure.  Date of death established by letter of Dr. David Milton Goodner, which states that he died at age of 22.  Single.

3d    Malinda Goodner, born 2–24–1819, Madison County, Alabama; died 1897.  Married Reverend Henry C. Stilwell, 8–29–1838, Madison County, Alabama.  Resided in Lone Oak, Hunt County, Texas; died there, and is interred in Hall Cemetery, near Lone Oak.  Reverend Henry C. Stilwell (born 7–6–1814; died 12–27–1873), was a Methodist Minister in the Methodist Protestant Church, a Circuit Rider; also farmed. lived on a farm near Lone Oak, Texas, and which farm is still known as the "old Stilwell" place.

1e    Thomas Stilwell.  Born about 1839.  Died in St. Louis, Missouri, during the early part of the Civil War, from pneumonia contracted by swimming the Mississippi River on a military mission while the river was full of ice.

2e    Orpha Stilwell.  Born about 1840 or 1841.  Little is known of her and nothing of her descendants.  She married either a Mr. Petty or a Mr. Pride.

3e    Blooming Goodner Stilwell, born 1845; died 1929.  Farmer.  Married Emma Cowan (1844–1935).  Lived in the Hall Community near Lone Oak, Texas, Hope County.  Members of the Methodist Protestant Church.  Both interred in Hall Cemetery, near Lone Oak, Texas.  No issue.

4e    Mary Jane ("Jennie") Stilwell, born 10–24–1851; died 1–12–[date unknown]).  Interred in Lone Oak, Texas.  Attended the old McKenzie College for girls at Clarksville, Texas, the first such–college organized in Texas.  Married 1st Mr. Pride.  No issue.  Married 2nd Mr. Chase.

1f     Charles Chase.  Resided in Monticello, Iowa, and in Colorado.  Married in Wisconsin.  No further data.

2f     Abbie Chase.  Believed to be interred in Cisco, Texas.  Married 1st Mr. Panky.  Married 2nd Mr. Daniel.  No issue by either marriage, but adopted a girl, Elizabeth, who became a teacher.

3f     Bennie Chase.  Died 1905 or 1906.  Interred in Aguas Calientes, Mexico.  Married Albert Patillo, (born 1–10–1874; died 2–28–1901.  Interred in Hall Cemetery near Lone Oak, Texas).  No further data obtainable.

Mary Jane married 3rd Colonel Binford. No issue.

5e    William Henry Stilwell, born 3–9–1855; died 10–20–1942.  Interred in Temple, Bell County, Texas.  Merchant and Hotel Owner.  Married Anna E. Buchanan (born 12–21–1858; died 5–22–1941.  Interred in Temple, Bell County, Texas).  Members of Methodist Episcopal Church South.

1f     Child.  Died infancy.

2f     Ula Stilwell.  Married Judson Neff.  Had no children and resided in Texas.

6e    Thomas Pride Stilwell, born 8–29–1863; died 1–29–1932.  Interred in Lone Oak, Texas.  Named after the oldest child who lost his life as above described.  School teacher, farmer, merchant, and operator of a telephone system.  Protestant Methodist.  Married Mary Agnes Jones (born 4–10–1866; died 1–12–1921, daughter of Samuel Wesley Jones, a Methodist Minister).

David Goodner01.gif (133321 bytes)
Dr. Henry Stilwell Goodner

1f     Henry Wesley Stilwell, born 8–4–1886, in Lone Oak, Texas; died 11–29–1959, Texarkana, Texas.  Graduate of University of Texas. with BA and MA Degrees.  LLD Degree from Southwestern University. Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity.  Started teaching in 1909, and in 1920 became Superintendent of Independent School District in Texarkana, Texas, serving until 1955.  In 1927, organized Texarkana Junior College, carrying on these duties in addition to the others.  In 1955 the college was separated from the Independent School District, and Mr. Stilwell has been giving full time to it as President.  It is now called The Texarkana College, Texarkana, Texas.  Dr. Stilwell has the distinction of being the only man who ever served on every commission in the State of Texas for the study and replanning and extension of the public school system.  Served as Chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Texas State Teachers Association, since 1934 and until his death.  Was Rotary District Governor, and was presently serving as Director of East Texas Chamber of Commerce.  Served as Chairman of Camping Committee of Caddo Boy Scouts of America, and is active in Texarkana Community Agencies.  Had been continuously active in the public and civic life of Texarkana, and was successful director of various school and road bond issues.  Dr. Stilwell is known and recognized as one of the ablest educators in the State of Texas, and was father of the Texas. Teacher's Retirement Act, which has so greatly benefited the teaching profession in that state. In January of 1959, he received the C. E. Palmer Award, granted by the Texarkana Chamber of Commerce by a secret committee, to the person, who in their opinion and considered judgment performed the most meritorious service for the City.  The Palmer Award was created by the late publisher of the Gazette and Daily News, and is presented each year.  Three testimonial dinners had been given to Dr. Stilwell for his outstanding services, one being in the year 1941, one being at the time he left the Superintendence to devote his full time to the Presidency. of Texarkana College, and the third was the College Regents Dinner in March of 1959.  Dr. Stilwell was rejected because of physical disability in World War I, but was an active member of the Texas. State Guard in World War II, becoming a full Colonel in that organization in Northeast Texas.  Married Jessie Maud Weatherly, 11–3–1909, in Lone Oak, Texas (born 2–18–1888, daughter of Thomas Monroe and Mae Cole Weatherly).  Address: of Mrs. Stillwell: 1911 Olive, Texarkana, Texas.

1g    Henrietta Maud Stilwell, born 2–25–1911.  Married Harvey S. Williams, Head of the Masonic Home and School at Ft. Worth, Texas. Address: Same.

1h    Jane Ann Williams, born 6–23–1945.

2h    Claire Williams, born 6–2–1948.

3h    Henry Sinclair Williams, born 8–5–1950.

4h    Harvey Tom Williams, born Dec. 195–.

2g    Henry Wesley Stilwell, Jr, born 9–13–1913.  Insurance Adjuster. Served in World War II as Sgt.  Served in Germany.  Married Virginia Clements, 6–26–1938, (born 3–15–1917).  Residence: 1821 West 17th Street, Texarkana, Texas.

1h    James Henry Stilwell, born 11–22–1951. Adopted.

3g    Thomas Herbert Stilwell, born 10–23–1918.  Attorney. Colonel in World War II, with service in Okinawa and Japan.  Married Shirley Peden.  Residence: 115 Rambling Road, Palestine, Texas.

1h    Thomas Herbert Stilwell, Jr, born 4–13–1951.

2h    Shirley Susan Stilwell, born 9–8–1953.

3h    Ann Elizabeth Stilwell, born 6–30–1955.

4h    Henry Peden Stilwell, born 8–4–1957.

2f     Winona Maud Stilwell, born 5–9–1888.  Married Finis A. Florence, 12–22–1907 (born 4–7 1883, son of J. A). Was a cotton buyer, rancher, and industrialist in various parts of Texas.  Now retired. Presbyterians.  Residence: New London, Texas.

1g    Erma Ruth Florence, born 4–5–1909; died 11–9–1926.

2g    Winona Marie Florence, born 12–2–1911.  Married 1st R. R. Garner, 9–15–1934.  Divorced.

1h    Charles R. Garner, born 6–8–1935. Machinist for Cameron Iron Works at Houston, Texas.  Married Audry Shadwell, 9–31–1956.  Residence:  1518 West 43rd  Street, Houston, Texas.

1i    Cathy Lucille Garner, born 9–26–1957.

Married 2nd Jim Follis, 7–16–1950. Barber.  Residence: 2405 Ralph Street, Houston, Texas. No issue.

3g    Finis A. Florence, Jr, born 6–21–1914.  Bookkeeper and Warehouseman.  Married Elizabeth. Marie Dial, 9–14–1947. Divorced. August 1950.  Residence: New London, Texas, Box 305. No issue.

4g    Walter W. Florence, born 7–21–1916.  Area Production Superintendent for General Crude Oil Company.  Married Clara Collins, 11–3–1940.  Residence: 2019 Webster Street, Liberty, Texas.

1h    Janie Ruth Florence, born 10–20–1941.

2h    Judy Roe Florence, born 6–13–1948.

3h    Vickey Suzanne Florence, born 12–10–1952.

5g    Maud Janet ("Jane") Florence, born 7–10–19––; died 10–21–1939.

6g    Agnes Joan Florence, born 1–1–1930.  Married A. L. Herrin, Jr, 5–21–1950.  Divorced.  Agnes is Secretary for Thad Feldon Ford Agency in Baytown, Texas.  Residence:  909 N Jones Street, Baytown, Texas.

1h    Rebecca Ann Herrin, born 12–31–1950.

2h    Wesley Lee Herrin, born 8–23–1953.

3h    Billy Joe Herrin, born 10–31–1954.

3f    May Oma Stilwell, born 12–19–1894; died 10–24–1918, Tyler, Texas.

4d    Samuel Goodner, born 2–6–1822.  Died childhood, Madison County, Alabama.

5d    Eliza Bennis Goodner, born 12–6–1823.  Married John H. Harper, 11–10–1847.  In the will of David Goodner, it states, "Having given to my daughter of Eliza Bernice (or Bennis), wife of John H. Harper, a house (or horse, the writing is not clear) and other property, I here add a cow and calf, and to John H. Harper, her husband, two hundred and eighty–five dollars to be paid to him by my son, Superior Goodner, the first day of Jane one thousand eight hundred and fifty and with interest from the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and forty–nine."  From this we learn that Eliza and her husband were living in Madison County, Alabama, in 1849.  Further information is lacking.

6d    Martha Thompson Goodner, born 3–20–1827, Madison County, Alabama; died 11–20–1898.  Martha died in the home of her daughter of, Orpha Jane Roden.  Married Thomas W. Ice, 11–30–1848, in Madison County, Alabama.  Marriage ceremony performed by Henry R. Beaver, Minister.  Thomas W. Ice was born 5–2–1827 and died 9–15–1862, son of Thomas W. Ice, Senior, and Sarah Barnett (or Barnard).  Resided in Marshall County, Alabama. Place of internment unknown.

1h    Matilda E. Ice, born about 1850.  Married M. V. Riche.

1e    Blooming H. Ice, born 12–29–1851, in Alabama; died 2–17–1931  Interred in Hollis, Oklahoma.  Moved to Bonita, Montague County, Texas.  Farmer.  Married Elizabeth ("Betty") Roden, 7–22–1874 (born 11–3–1854 in Marshall County, Alabama; died September 1930)  Resided in Bonita, Texas.

1f     Minnie Ice, born 9–17–1875, in Alabama; died 6–3–1958.  Interred in Hollis, Oklahoma.  Married Travis Elijah Longley, 2–21–1890 in Texas.  Resided in or near Hollis, Oklahoma.  Baptist.  Possibly followed the occupation of farming.

1g    Mable Elizabeth Longley, born 4–26–1897, in Texas.  Married Armond Elgin Batten, 8–29–1915 (born 2–3–1895, son of William and Lina Batten).  Farmer.  Baptist.  Residence: Route Three, Hollis, Oklahoma.

1h    Audra Mae Batten, born 9–11–1918; died 11–7–1935.

2g    Jessie Huston Longley, born 2–7–1903.  Farmer.  Baptist.  Married Opal Fillpot, 11–13–1921 (born 3–9–1905, daughter of Jim and Minnie Fillpot).  Residence: Hollis, Oklahoma.

1h    Jessie Faye Longley, born 10–1–1922.

2h    Mary Louise Longley, born 10–1–1924.

3h    Frank ("Billy") Longley, born 5–24–1926.

4h    Max Ray Longley, born 3–8–1928.

5h    Doris Sue Longley, born 6–19–1929.

6h    Donald Wayne Longley, born 3–26–1931.

7h    Luvenia Longley, born 1–28–1935.

3g    Ethel Jewell Longley, born 10–9–1905.  Married Raymond Chester Fillpot, 5–17 192–(born 4–27–1903; died 11–10–1957, son of Jim and Minnie Fillpot).  Ethel resides in Hollis, Oklahoma.

1h    Wanda Beth Fillpot, born 9–5–1931.

4g    Franklin Henry Longley, born 11–24–1907.  Federal Employee.  Baptist.  Residence:  Amarillo, Texas.  Married Valree Lera McKinnely, 12–29–1928 (born 3–4–1908, daughter of Bob McKinnely).

1h    Jimmy Frank Longley, born 12–9–1930.

2f     Ollie Goodner Ice, born 6–22–1877, Marshall County, Alabama; died 8–13–1960, Hollis, Oklahoma.  Married John H. I Longley, 1894, Montague County, Texas. Baptists.  John died November, 1929, Spearman, Texas.  Interred in Hollis, Oklahoma, in family plot.  Ollie resides with granddaughter.

1g    Allie Longley, born 1–3–1895.  Married George W. Crain, 11–3–1915, (died 1–31–950 at Lubbock, Texas.  Interred in Hollis, Oklahoma).  Residence: 311 E Purdue, Lubbock, Texas.

1h    Roberta Crain, born 9–17–1916, Harmon County, Oklahoma.  Married William H. Parker, 3–23–1935 at Hollis, Oklahoma.  Residence: 311 East Purdue, Lubbock, Texas.  Baptists.  No issue.

3f     Myra Ice, born about 1879; died 1951.  Interred in Abernathy, Texas.  Married Bock Howard, about 1898 (born 12–22–1873).  Mr. Howard living with son, Clifford, in Abernathy, Texas, Box 55.

1g    Virgil Howard, born 4–24–1901, at Bonita, Texas.  Livestock Dealer.  Married Frances Elizabeth Drake, 12–9–1923, daughter of A. O. Drake of Friona, Texas.  Baptists.  Residence: Bonita, Texas.

1h    Josh Truman Howard, born 10–11–1937.  Serving with US Marines, 1958.

2g    Minnie Howard, born 1899.  Married Mr. Graves.

1h    Troy Blooming Graves.  Residence: Snyder, Scurry County, Texas (There may have been other children but could not secure data).

3g    Ruby Howard, born 1–28–1906, Bonita, Texas.  Married John L. Gayle, 12–25–1925, son of W. M. Gayle.  Married Abernathy, Texas.  Farmer.  Baptist (born 9–7–1904)  Residence: Route Three, Lamar, Arkansas.

1h    Claudine Gayle, born 3–30–1929.  Married Lloyd Dillard.  Residence: Route Two, Box 50, Clarksville, Arkansas.

1i    Joyce Ann Dillard, born 11–4–1946.

2i    Johny Lloyd Dillard, born 5–30–1948.

3i    Charles Ray Dillard, born 8–4–1949.

4i    Judy Faye Dillard, born 2–14–1951.

5i    Terry Roe Dillard, born 10–6–1956.

2h    Corine Gayle, born 3–6–1932.  Married 1st John Wayne Killough.

1i    Shirley June Killough, born 10–17–1948.

2i     Jackie Allen Killough, born 7–13–1951.  Married 2nd Edward Shafer.  Residence: Route Two, Summerville, Missouri.  No issue.

3h    Robert Wayne Gayle, born 2–19–1936.  Married Virginia Gail Wadley.  Residence: Route Two, Lamar, Arkansas, 1958.  No issue.

4h    Barbara May Gayle, born 9–8–1942.

4g    Travis Howard.  Residence: Amarillo, Texas.

5g    Clifford Howard, born 4–11–1916, Montague County, Texas. Salesman. Baptist.  Married Ada Mae Brunson, 12–31–1943, at Plainview, Texas (born 4–21–1921, daughter of J. O. Brunson).  Residence:  Abernathy, Texas, Box 55.

1h    Ada Carol Howard, born 2–1–1949.

2h    Jerry Wayne Howard born 8–12–1950.

6g    Beulah Howard.  Married Mr. Wilson. last known address, 604 E 9th Street, Amarillo, Texas.  Letters addressed there were returned.  Also tried 1908 South Pierce Street, Amarillo, Texas.  Letters were likewise returned.

7g    Lucille Howard, born 1–23–1919, Montague County, Texas.  Married 1st Austin Dale Sublett (born 5–23–1919).  Truck Driver.

1h    Doris Dalyene Sublett, born 2–13–1937.  Married Billy Van Phillips, 1030–1954.  Residence: 1314 Sunset Boulevard, Odessa, Texas.  No record. of issue.

2h    Alvin Clinton Sublett, born 1–6–1939.

Married 2nd Allen David Phillips, 1–5–1953 (born 9–14–1920, son of L. C. Phillips).  Pit foreman.  Baptist.  Served in Air force.  Residence: Royalty, Ward County, Texas.  No issue.

4f     Thomas Portland Ice, born 3–10–1881; died 9–3–1937.  Farmer and rancher.  Resided in Bonita, Texas.  Married Nora Longley, 8–28–1898. Bonita, Texas (born 9–9–1880; died 4–17–1956, daughter of Isaac and Mary Longley.  Nora born in Missouri).

1g    Elsie Ice, born 6–11–1891, Bonita, Texas.  Married George Murphy, Wagon seller, 4–24–1927 (born 3–20–1890, son of Riley).  Stock Farmer.  Residence: Bonita, Texas.  No issue.

2g    Boss Ice, born 9–18–1900; died 4–6–1934.  Married–[name unknown].

1h    Alton Ice.  Residence: 1705 N. Highland, Sherman, Texas.

2h    Cletis Ice.  Residence: 1225 Hamsteds, Ft. Worth, Texas.

3h    Mary Ice.  Married Mr. Arbuckle.  Residence: Andrews, Texas. Box 869.

3g    Leonard Ice, born 5–22–1902, near Bonita, Texas.  Rancher.  Baptist.  Married Para Lee Wilson, 3–11–1925 (born 8–6–1906, daughter of G. W. Wilson).  Residence: Route One, St. Jo, Texas.

1h    Margie Ice, born 3–8–1925; died 3–31–1929.

2h    Doyce Ice, born 10–19–1930.  Married Betty Ingram.  Residence: 1508 Jo Ann Drive Garland, Texas.

1i    Catherine Ice.

2i    Rhonda Lee Ice.

3h    Calvin Ice, born 8–6–1924.  Called "Ronnie.”  Married & divorced.  Issue–1 boy.

4g    Herbert V. Ice, born 12–24–1903, Bonita, Texas.  In Construction Work.  Married Violet Vada Gill, 11–15–1924.  Members First Baptist Southern Church.  Residence:  1508 Earl Street, Commerce, Texas (Violet Vada Gill, born 2–23–1904, Point, Texas, daughter of Henry C. and Fannie Gill).

1h    Laura Dean Ice, born 8–30–1925.  Married Charles B. Hilderbrand, 719–1942.  Residence: 1508 Earl Street, Commerce, Texas.  No received. of issue.

5g    Effie Ice, born 11–11–1905.  Married Roy Hurley, 11–25–1923 (born 1–8–1904, son of T. J.).  Merchant.  Baptist.  Residence: Route One, St. Jo, Texas.

1h    Imagene Hurley, born 11–22–1924; died 3–15–1945.

2h    Elsie Ice Hurley, born 10–31–1926.  Married George Morgan, 10–5–1940, Montague, Texas.  Driller.  Served in Army.  Baptists.  Residence: Nocona, Texas. General Delivery.

1i    Georgia Louise Morgan, born 10–23–1948.  Adopted.

2i    Mary Ruth Morgan, born 4–21–1950.

3i    Sammy Lee Morgan, born 1–2–1954.

4i    Danny Wayne Morgan, born 1–18–1956.

3h    Joyce Hurley, born 1–26–1929.  Married Alvin J. Mitchell, 7–26–1946, Ft. Worth, Texas.  Post office Clerk.  Navy 1943 to 1945.  Baptists.  Residence: 1830 Riverside Drive San Angelo, Texas.

1i    Michael Lynn Mitchell, born 10–3–1947.

2i    Linda Joyce Mitchell, born 1–26–1949.

3i    Thomas Ray Mitchell, born 5–18–1950.

4i    Kenneth Wayne Mitchell, born 8–18–1952.

6g    Bonnie Ice, born 4–21–1910, Bonita, Montague County, Texas.  Married Roy Claton Ellis, 10–11–1930 (born 1–30–1908, son of Marion D).  Railroad Construction Foreman.  Baptists.  Temporary Address:  Hillside Terrace Court, Saratoga Springs, New York.  Permanent Address: RFD Eleven, Box 272, Oklahoma, City, Oklahoma.

1h    Mildred Ellis, born 9–30–1931; died 7–20–1932.

2h    Harold Ellis, born 3–20–1934; died 11–17–1937.

3h    Jo Ann Ellis, born 10–14–1944.

7g    Flossie Ice, born 5–30–1912, Bonita, Texas (Twin).  Married Eugene Taylor (born 5–301921, son of Eugene D).  Butcher. Baptist.  Residence: P. O. Box 396, Ayzel, Texas.

8g    Flora Mae Ice, born 5–30–1912, Bonita, Texas (Twin).  Married 1st Otis Howard (born 10–17–1912)  Employed by Nocona Leather Goods Company.  Divorced.

1h    Geneva Howard, born 6–29–1931, Bonita, Texas.  Married Clay Dean Roach, 9–14–1947, Bonita, Texas (born 4–30–1926, son of Clay H).  Residence: 3615 N Harding Street, Ft. Worth, Texas.

2i    Vickey Gayle Roach, born 1–27–1953.

Married 2nd Newell Vernon Dean, 6–18–1957 (born 10–18–1910, son of John Dean).  Farmer.  Baptist. Residence:  Route One, Bonita, Texas.

2h    Cleta Jay Dean, born 1951.

9g    Cecil Ice, born 8–6–1914, Bonita, Texas.  With Plumper–Texas. Company.  Baptist.  Married Miss Hillis (born 1–25–1918, daughter of Ollis Hillis).  Residence: 320 Hudspeth, Bowie, Texas.

1h    Cecilia Kay Ice, born 2–13–1944, Gainesville, Texas.

10g  Doyle Ice, born 12–23–1916, St. Jo, Texas.  Farmer and Rancher.  Baptist.  Married Gladys Buck, 11–22–1936 (born 1–28–1916, daughter of Pleasie Buck).  Residence: Route One, St. Jo, Texas.

1h    Donald Gene Ice, born 12–16–1937.

2h    Betty Ice, born 12–13–1939.  Married Louis Hillard.  Residence: Nocona, Montague County, Texas.  No issue.

3h    Tommie Sue Ice, born 1–10–1942.

4h    Maxine Ice, born 4–6–1943.

5h    Jimmie Ice, born 7–11–1944.

6h    Gayle Ice, born 9–23–1945.

7h    Carole Ice, born 4–28–1947.

8h    Judy Ice, born 1–3–1949.

11g    Otis Ice, born 7–6–1920; died 4–23–1928.

5f     Allen Houston Ice, born 11–11–1883; died 12–16–1951.  Interred in Porterville, California.  Farmer, and later a sales clerk.  Member Missionary Baptist Church.  Married 1st Mary Elizabeth Langford (born 2–20–1886; died 4–24–1924, daughter of John Thomas and Nancy Ann (Case) Langford.  Interred in cemetery named Center Point, located 4 miles north of St. Jo, Texas).  Sister to Mrs. Flora Jordan, Route Two Box 171, Nocona, Texas.

1g    Luther Allen Ice, born 3–14–1905, Bonita, Texas.  Street Commissioner for Hollis, Oklahoma.  Baptist.  Married Oma Price, 11–4–1923, (born 10–15–1906, daughter of W. M. Price)  Residence: Hollis, Oklahoma.

1h    Kenneth Wayne Ice, born 2–20–1939.

2g    Olen Thomas Ice, born 4–27–1907, Bonita, Texas.  Roofing Foreman.  Protestant.  Married Lucy Magnolia Mitchell, March 1929 (born 3–19–1915, daughter of Maggie Mitchell)  Residence: 527 Chestnut Street, Redwood City, California.

1h    Dora Kay Ice, born 4–7–1943.

3g    Ray W. Ice, born 10–21–1909, Montague, Texas.  Roofer.  Baptist.  Residence: 516 Bradley, San Jose, California.  Married Rosa Pearl Ray, 12–22–1929 (born 8–26–1912, daughter of Edgar and Beulah Ray).

1h    Winston Edward Ice, born 10–10–1932, Vinson, Oklahoma. Electrical Engineer. Navy, World War II.  Married Angelina C. Gomez, 12–28–1955, in Reno, Nevada (born 6–1–1937, daughter of Torribio and Louise Gomez).  Residence: 5026 Noella Way, San Jose 24, California.

1i    Ronald Wayne Ice, born 9–1–1957.

4g    Ethel Ice, born 10–11–1912, Montague County, Texas.  Married 1st  Clarence Harris.  Divorced.

1h    Vaughn Dell Harris, born 1–2–1932, Mobeetie, Texas.  Married Robert Pang, 10–11–1954.  His father was Hawaiian and mother was Chinese.  Robert attended college in Los Angeles.  His occupation is Television Technician.  Served in US Army.  Residence: 718–A–22nd Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii.

1i    Karen Elaine Pang, born 3–27–1956, in Hollywood, California.

2i    Cynthia Dawn Pang, born 11–6–1957 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Married 2nd Carl Homer Morrow, 3–10–1953 (born 9–10–1916, son Truman Morrow)  Carpenter.  Residence: 2616–9th Street, Ceres, California.  No issue.

5g    Eldon N. Ice, born 10–27–1916, St. Jo, Texas.  Foreman.  Member Church of Christ.  Served in Armed Forces 1 year.  Married Edith Ramsey, 9–5–1937 (born 7–22–1917 daughter of Ada Ramsey)  Residence: 124 Brookside, San Jose, California.

1h    Gary Ice, born 6–9–1944, at Porterville, California.

2h    Norman Ice, born 7–23–1939, Porterville, California.  Residence: 500 Page Avenue, San Jose, California.  Married but name of wife not known.

6g    Lorene Ice, born 5–17–1920, Montague County, Texas.  Married Ray Steve Bonds, 6–12–1940 (born 1–19–1917, son Roey Jack Bonds).  Machinist.  Baptist.  Navy.  Residence: 15272 Charmeron Aye, San Jose 24, California.

1h    Mary Jane Bonds, born 9–14–1941, San Jose, California.

2h    Sandra Bonds, born 4–30–1947, San Jose, California.

3h    Steven Scott Bonds, born 2–22–1956, San Jose, California.

7g    James T. Ice, born 10–28–1923, Hollis, Oklahoma.  Sales Manager.  Baptist.  Army 1–1–1943 to 3–11–1946.  Residence: 2227 S Church Street, Visalia, California.  Married Mary Ellen Coffey, 8–1–1942 (born 2–14–1925, daughter of Albert and Jessie Coffey).

1h    Kristen Ann Ice, born 11–25–1953, Visalia, California.

2h    Terrance Ray Ice, born 6–8–1956, Visalia, California.

Allen Houston Ice married 2nd Sibyl O. Clark, 12–23–1924 (born 5–6–1903, daughter of Arthur Lorenzo Clark) at Hollis, Oklahoma.  Residence: 1428 North 2nd Street, Porterville, California.

8g    Berniece Ice, born 1–6–1926, Hollis, Oklahoma.  Married Eddie Baguiao, 10–13–1949 (born 11–15–1911, son Nemescio Baguiao).  Catholic.  Chief Cook.  Army 3 years.  Residence: 7235 S. Haas, Los Angeles, 47, California.

1h      Eddie Baguiao, Jr, born 12–25–1954.

9g    Arthur Allen Ice, born 7–7–1928. Shamrock, Texas.  Fine Wire Dealer.  Protestant.  Served in Army, Navy, and Air Force World War II.  Married Francis Johnsson,  9–17–1955 (born 12–14–1933, daughter of Noah Elmer and Oda Johnson).  Residence: 11127 East Elliott, El Monte, California.

1h    Arleen Annette Ice, born 2–12–1957.

2h    Darla Jean Ice, born 7–18–1958.

10g   Jewel Ice, born 9–27–1933.  Tulare, California.  Married Ben Edlar Hawthorne, 12–14–1950.  Upholsterer.  Baptist.  Residence: 1530 Victory Lane, Porterville. California.

1h    Benny Allen Hawthorne, born 10–1–1955.

2h    Belinda Jewell Hawthorne, born 9–30–1956.

3h    Vickie Sue Hawthorne, born 10–22–1958.

6f     Herman V. Ice, born 8–1–1891, Montague County, Texas.  Occupation–Cook.  Protestant.  Residence: 918 North Main Street, Wichita, Kansas.  Married 1st Stella Southard, 2–8–1918, Bonita, Texas. Deceased.

1g    Mandell Ice, born 12–10–1918.  Howard Mr. McLaughlin. Divorced.

1h    Barbara Peak McLaughlin, born 2–19–1942.  Howard 2nd Wilma Frederick, 8–10–1949, Wichita, Kansas (born 1–17–1911, daughter of Richard and Jennie Frederick).  No issue.

3e    Sarah Franklin Ice, born about 1855; died 7–30–1880.  Interred in Walkers Cemetery, Guntersville, Alabama.  Married David Wright. Apparently resided in the vicinity of Guntersville, Alabama.

1f      Mattie Wright, born 9–22–1877; died 2–18–1932.  Married Will Allen, 10–15–1895 (born 11–22–1872; died 1–17–1931).  Interment in Walker Cemetery, Guntersville, Alabama.

1g    Atha Allen, born 6–27–1894.  Married Rupert Burke, 2–6–1914, (died 3–6–1944).  Resident of Atha, Route Two, Guntersville, Alabama.  Son.  Died age 9 days.

2g    Ethel Goodner Allen, born 6–13–1897, Guntersville, Alabama.  Married Jesse Keltner, 8–14–1913 (died 1–20–1944).  Was Mechanic for Southern Railway.  Ethel employed in Department Store in Somerset, Kentucky.  Residence: 805 N. Main Street, Somerset. Kentucky.

1h    Lillian Keltner, born 2–9–1918, Springfield, Missouri.  Married Abe Lincoln Strunk, 10–10–1944, at Somerset, Kentucky.  Carpenter with Simmons Mattress Company.  Methodist (born 4–9–1915, son L. Arch Strunk of Ferguson, Kentucky).  World War II, 1942–1945, Army.  In Aleutians for 27 months.  Lillian is a teacher in the 5th grade at the Lee L. Caldwell School, Hammond, Indiana.  Residence: 8216 Sycamore Street, Highland, Indiana.  No issue.

2h    Lessee Allen Keltner, born 3–13–1934, Somerset, Kentucky.  An Instructor in Hammond, Indiana, Public Schools.  Methodist.  1st Lieutenant Artillery, 7–1–1955 to 7–1–1957.  Married Margie Ann Rasnick, 7–1–1956, Cumberland, Kentucky (born 6–23–1934, daughter of Charlie H. Rasnick of Cumberland, Kentucky).  Both Jesse and wife are attending the University of Indiana, he for a Masters Degree in Education Administration, which should be granted in August of 1959.  Residence: 4242 Johnson Avenue, Hammond, Indiana.  No issue.

3g    Gertrtude Allen, born  9–20–1900; died February, 1940.  Married B. B. Anderson of Waco, Texas.  No further data.

4g    Nannie Allen, born 5–31–1902; died 6–27–1958.  Interred in Walkers Cemetery, Guntersville, Alabama.  Married Farney Smith.  No issue.

5g    Robert Allen, born 3–28–1904.  Married Nannie Franks.  Residence: Route Four, Guntersville, Alabama.  No issue.

6g    Wright Allen, born 1–4–1906. Employed by an oil company.  Married Gladys Bowden of Linden, Texas (died 2–17–1936).  Residence: 5490 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

1h    Kathryn Allen.  Married Waymon Berry of Arab, Alabama.  Residence: 2515 Roland Road, Huntsville, Alabama.

1i    Ronnie Berry, born about 1945.

2i    Jimmie Berry, born about 1948.

3i    Celia Berry, born about 1953.

2h    L. Allen.  Married Effie Hatcher.  Residence: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 5490 Airline Highway.  No issue.

7g    Ilene Allen, born 3–30–1908; died 2–11–1951.  Interred in Walkers Cemetery Guntersville, Alabama.  Married W. R. Clark, Guntersville, Alabama (died 12–6–1958).

1h    Harold Clark, born 5–8–1927, Arab, Alabama.  Research Chemist.  Employed by Huntsville Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama.  World War II – Army.  Baptist.  Married Dorotha love, 9–6–1949 (born 11–10–1929, daughter of  D. E. and Henrietta Love of Heber Springs, Arkansas).  Residence: Circle Drive Guntersville, Alabama.

1i    Gail Ann Clark, born 10–23–1951.

2i    Gena Sue Clark, born 2–28–1955.

3i    William Edward Clark, born 8–25–1956.

4e    Orpha Jane (”Jennie") Ice, born 9–26–1857; died 6–13–1931, Pisgah, Alabama.  Married Jeremiah Roden, Sr, 12–19–1877 (born 3–15–1855; died 10–25–1936.  Son of Andrew Moore Roden, born 2–1–1828, died 6–18–1900, and Elizabeth Jane Roden, nιe  Reed, born 2–27–1829; died 9–9–1887.  Andrew Moore Roden was the son of Jeremiah and Margaret Roden).  Farmer.  Baptist.  Resided in Custer City, Marshall County, Alabama, from 1884 until death of Jennie in 1931, at which time she was in the Pisgah Community in Jackson County.  Interred in Pisgah Community Cemetery, Pisgah, Alabama.

1f     Thomas Andrew Roden, born 1–12–1879; died 3–12–1880.

2f     Donnie Ice Roden, born 3–2–1881.  Married Rosa A. King, 1–24–1909.  Residence: Route Two, Pisgah.

1g    Lila D. Roden, born 12–1–1909.  Married Daniel Albert Patterson, 5–17–1927 (born 10–16–1899).  Residence: Route Two, Pisgah, Alabama.

1h    Marjorie Ruth Patterson, born 4–9–1928.  Married Jessie Lee Allen, 11–10–1944 (born 9–1–1925).  Residence: Hixson, Tennessee.

1i    Jimmie David Allen, born 11–10–1949.

2i    Dennis Lee Allen, born 11–8–1950.

3i    Martha Ann Allen, born 11–28–1953.

4i    Thomas Neil Allen, born 8–26–1955; died 6–6–1956.

2h    Ora Elaine Patterson, born 8–29–1929.  Married John Will Tipton, 4–5–1947 (born 8–27–1935)  Residence: Route One, Henagar, Alabama.

1i    Brenda Carrol Tipton, born 12–22–1947.

2i    Mary Teresa Tipton, born 4–12–1954.

3h    Daniel Ice Patterson, born 5–20–1931.  Married Helen Gaither, 6–19–1953 (born 6–4–1936).  Residence: Route Two, Pisgah, Alabama.

1i    David Alfred Patterson, born 5–5–1954.

2i    James Donald Patterson, born 10–3–1955.

3i    Daniel Edward Patterson, born 3–13–1957.

4h    Mattie Rose Patterson, born 5–3–1934; died same day.

5h    Alta Delaris Patterson, born 7–30–1938.  Married Herschel Edward Woods, 12–26–1956 (born 6–11–1938)  Residence: Box 310, Howard AFB, Canal Zone.  No issue as of 1958.

6h    Donald Albert Patterson, born 2–9–1943.

2g    Terry Hugh Roden, born 4–3–1912, Pisgah, Alabama.  Married Lillie Pearl Gant, 3–9–1935 (born 2–26–1911, at Scottsboro, Alabama).  Residence: Route Two, Pisgah, Alabama.

1h    Shelby Jean Roden, born 8–25–1936, Pisgah, Alabama.  Married Robert McFaden, 1–7–1957.  Residence: 2709 South Wayne Street, Apt. 2, Arlington, Virginia.

1i    Carol McFaden, born 11–22–1957, at U.S. Naval Hosp, Bethesda, Maryland.

2h    Billy Don Roden, born 7–21–1938, Pisgah, Alabama.

3h    Mary Sue Roden, born 3–5–1946, Pisgah, Alabama.

3g    Orpha Dean Roden, born 12–11–1913.  Married Lloyd Vann Gant, 12–29–1942 (born 7–8–1916)  Residence: 4344 41st Street North, Birmingham, Alabama.  No issue.

4g    William Herbert Roden, born 12–11–1915.  Married Agnes Valvree Wortham, 8–10–1940 (born 3–4–1917, daughter of Joseph Virgle and Myrtle Wortham).  Residence: Route  Two, Pisgah, Alabama.

1h    William Joseph Roden, born 6–18–1943.

5g    Donald A. Roden, born 3–1–1918.  Killed at Saipan, World War II, 7–12–1944.

6g    Gordon Blooming Roden, born 4–24–1920.  Married Forestine Hall, 7–27–1947 (born 3–4–1931, daughter of M. M. Hall).  Residence: Route Two, Pisgah, Alabama.

1h    Loretta Gail Roden, born 3–15–1949.

2h    Bruce Dale Roden, born 11–13–1951.

7g    Elizabeth Hazel Roden, born 11–7–1922.  Married Tolliver Lay Fayette Patterson, 4–16–1945.  Residence: Route Two, Pisgah, Alabama.

1h    Linda Nell Patterson, born 4–20–1946.

2h    Rebecca Dean Patterson, 9–18–1949.

3h    Donna Rosake Patterson, born 9–28–1955.

8g    Milton Moore Roden, born 4–17–1925.  Married Geneva Long, June, 1947 (born 1928)  1st marriage.  Residence: Route Two, Pisgah, Alabama.

1h    Bobbie Roden, born 3–23–1948.

Married 2nd Nellie Maye Hixon, 2–19–1951.

2h    Sharon Patricia Roden, born 7–4–1954.

9g    Elora Allie Roden, born 1–8–1928.  Married Ross Lindburg Cross, May 1950.  Residence: 215 Nassau Street, Dayton 10, Ohio.

1h    Walter la Don Cross, born 2–12–1952.

2h    Iris Elora Cross, born 12–11–1953.

3h    Marsha Lynn Cross, born 4–6–1957.

3f     Elizabeth (“Lizzie") Thompson Roden, born 10–23–1883, Claysville, Marshall, Alabama; died 4–11–1960.  Resided with sister, Allie.

4f     Allie Lutitia Roden, born 6–21–1886, in "Honey Comb Valley.”  Married Marshall County, Alabama.  A teacher all her working years, now retired.  Never married.  Residence: Pisgah, Alabama.

5f     Ola Roden, born 10–21–1889, Pisgah, Alabama.  Married Joseph Vander Wheeler, Sr, 1–24–1909, (born 10–21–1889, son Cicero Wheeler).  Residence: Pisgah, Alabama.

1g    Ada Belle Wheeler, born 11–30–1909; died 2–7–1951. Single.

2g    Mary Elizabeth Wheeler, born 6–30–1912.  Married William Troy McConathy, 7–11–933 (born 3–30–1908).  Moulder.  Baptist.  Residence: 2719 Alton Park Boulevard, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1h    Wilma Fay McConathy, born 12–6–1935.  Married Earl Kenneth Oliver, 1–2–1954 (born 5–1–1924).

1i    Vickie Oliver, born 2–15–1956.

2i    Donita Oliver, born 6–20–1957.

2h      William De Wayne McConathy, born 12–13–1949.

3g    Orpah Pearl Wheeler, born 12–23–1914.  Married Clyde Terry McBrayer, 4–29–1933, (born 6–6–1910).  Butcher.  Presbyterian.  Residence: 689 Home Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.

1h    William Clyde McBrayer, born 2–22–1934.  Married Gloria Jean Wood, 12–20–1953 (born 2–19–1936).

1i    William Clyde McBrayer, Jr, born 9–23–1955.

4g    Joseph Vander Wheeler, Jr, born 9–20–1918.  Mechanic.  Married Marie Lavader Coots, 9–24–1935 (born 7–19–1920, daughter of Albert Coots).  Residence: Rossville, Georgia.

1h    Joseph Albert Wheeler, born 7–7–1936.  Married Hazel Louise Medley, 4–9–1955 (born 1–3–1937).

1i    Stephen Vander Wheeler, born 11–5–1957.

2h    Bobby Allen Wheeler, born 12–6–1937.

3h    Howard Eugene Wheeler, born 1–27–1940.  Married Hattie Mae Davis, 4–6–1957 (born 6–15–1940).

1i    William Eugene Wheeler, born 2–26–1958.

4h    Wendell La Don Wheeler, born 6–6–1943.

5h    Donald Ray Wheeler, born 10–4–1945.

6h    Linda Ann Wheeler, born 8–16–1947.

7h    Lamon David Wheeler, born 10–12–1948.

8h    Brenda Delois Wheeler, born 9–7–1950.

5g    Allie L. Wheeler, born 10–14–1920.  Married Mary Ellen Moore, 11–18–1939 (born 4–7–1921).  Divorced.  Residence: 3310 De Long Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1h    Mark Allen Wheeler, born 12–14–1941.  Married 2nd June Marie Roberson (born 6–3–1935).  No issue as of 1958.

6f     William Herbert Roden, Sr, born 4–18–1893, Pisgah, Alabama. Member of Examining Staff of Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Baptist.  Residence: Bluff City, Tennessee.  Married Pearl White (her 2nd marriage).  Daughter of J. R. Foust.

1g    William Herbert Roden, Jr, born 10–1–1922, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Pilot US Air Force World War II.  Dean of Students at Carson Newman College, Jefferson City, Tennessee.  Married Mary Frances Buttrey, 11–20–1943 (born 10–21–1923, daughter of Clarence E. and Bessie Luthen Buttrey).

1h    William Clarence Roden, born 4–20–1949.

2h    John Robert Roden, born 9–6–1952.

3h    Gary Luthen Roden, born 1–30–1956.

2g    Dorothy White Roden, born 12–4–1925, Bluff City, Tennessee.  Married John William Matthews, 12–1–1951, at Balboa Union Church, Balboa, Canal Zone (born 1–11–1914, son of John Michael Matthews, Scottsboro, Alabama).  Property and Supply Clerk in US Army.  Residence: Diablo Heights, Box 143, Canal Zone, Panama.  No issue as of 1958.

7f     Jeremiah Roden, Jr, born 3–13–1898, Pisgah, Alabama.  Farmer.  Saw Mill Owner.  Baptist.  Married Clara V. Woodfin, 3–5–1922, daughter of John Woodfin.  Residence: Pisgah, Alabama.

1g    Jeremiah Roden, 3rd, born 3–13–1923.  Editor of "Auburn Alumnews.”  Baptist.  Married Rebecca Harris, 6–16–1947 (born 3–17–1928, daughter of Oscar Greene Harris)  Residence: 111 Micham Avenue, Auburn, Alabama.

1h    Jerry Wayne Roden, born 9–15–1948.

2h    Ruth Roden, born 12–7–1949, twin of Inez.

3h    Inez Roden, born 12–7–1949, twin of Ruth.

2g    Twin, born 4–6–1924.  Died at birth.

3g    Twin, born 4–6–1924.  Died at birth.

4g    Clydabelle Roden, born 7–7–1925.  Married J. E. Edmonds, 8–23–1946 (born 1–30–1924, son of C. H).  Residence:  Gaylesville, Alabama.  Baptists.  Both in the teaching profession.

1h    Ralph Edwards Edmonds, born 5–4–1950.

2h    Teresa Ruth Edmonds, born 9–26–1951.

5g    Mattie Ruth Roden, born 12–21–1926. Deceased.

6g    Mary Elizabeth Roden, born 10–23–1928.  Married J. Aubrey Davis, a Dentist (born 1–15–1925).  Baptists.  Residence: 208 Miller Street, Apt. 1, Albertville, Alabama.

1h    Jonathan Aubrey Davis, Jr, born 12–18–1956.

2h    James Roden Davis, born 3–13–1958.

7g    Sarah Jane Roden, born 9–30–1930.  Married Millard Arrington, 5–29–1952 (born 1–27–1926, son of S. M).  Postal Employee. Baptists.  Residence: Boaz, Alabama, Box 192.

1h    Stephen Millard Arrington, born 2–3–1953.

2h    Gerald Eugene Arrington, born 1–20–1954.

3h    Nita Jane Arrington, born 3–11–1955.

4h    David Thomas Arrington, born 3–24–1956; died 7–28–1957.

5h    Glenn Alen Arrington, born 6–23–1957.

8g    Allie Clara Roden, born 10–19–1934.  Married Bill W. McGriff (born 6–4–1936, son of James Alton McGriff).  Residence: Auburn, Alabama.

1h    William Kent McGriff, born 5–26–1957.

9g    Kathryn Roden, born 7–30–1936.  Residence: 355 South College Street, Auburn, Alabama.

10g   John T. Roden, born 12–23–1932.  Deceased.

11g  William Arthur Roden, born 11–5–1938.  Married Shirley Moore, 2–25–1958 (born 9–27–1939, daughter of B. M. Moore). Residing with his parents.

12g    Don Allen Roden, born 5–21–1941.

13g    Ralph David Roden, born 12–31–1942.

14g    Samuel Roden, born 11–4–1944.

15g    Orpah Roden, born 4–2–1948.

5e    Eliza Alabama Ice, born about 1859; died 9–19–1891, Cottonville, Alabama.  Interred in Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Cottonville Community, Marshall County, Alabama.  Single.

6e    Thomas Lutitia Ice, born 3–28–1862; died 5–27–1888.  Married William Joseph Watson, 11–30–1878, at Guntersville, Alabama (born 10–30–1851, Lincoln County, Tennessee; died 2–18–1935, Chattanooga, Tennessee).

1f      Lila Holmes Watson, born 9–1–1880, Guntersville, Alabama.  Married Robert Friar, 7–10–1910, at Chattanooga, Tennessee (Had sister who was Mrs. Lela Smith of Tyner, Tennessee).  Mr. Friar deserted his family and whereabouts unknown.  The family resided in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1g    Thomas William Friar, born 2–29–1912, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Single.

2g    Robert Watson Friar, born 8–6–1913, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Was married and divorced.  Now single.

3g    John Allan Friar, born 1–18–1922, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Single.

(All of the above children are living with their mother at 9 Shallowford Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee).

2f     Mary Thompson Watson, born 1–6–1883, at Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee.  Married Robert Alex. Hall, 12–1–1908, at Chattanooga, Tennessee (born 5–19–1882; died 1–18–1951, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Interred in Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma. City, Oklahoma).  Mary is now residing at 812 South Iowa Street, Irving, Texas.

1g    Willie Elizabeth. Hall, born 12–2–1911.  Married John Browning Dittbrenner, 7–26–1934, at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (born 10–16–1911, at New Castle, Indiana)  Residence: 812 South Iowa Street; Irving, Texas.

1h    John Robert Dittbrenner, born 3–4–1939.  Adopted.

3f     James Allan Watson, born 5–31–1885, in Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee.  Married Mary Susan Shepard, 12–7–1911, at Chattanooga, Tennessee (born 4–1–1889, in Clermont County, Ohio)  Residence: 2002 East 37th Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1g    Allan Winans Watson, born 2–15–1915, at Knoxville, Tennessee.  Married Bessa Mae Evans, 5–8–1943, Lexington, Tennessee.  Residence: 3704 Clio Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1h    John Evans Watson, born 3–7–1946. Adopted.

2g    Josephine Watson, born 1–29–1918, at Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Married William Dow Stuart, 12–2–1939, Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Residence: 245 Bowman Avenue, Cleveland, Tennessee.

1h    Susan Margaret Stuart, born 5–10–1942, Marietta, Georgia.

2h    Mary Josephine Stuart, born 7–20–1945, Marietta, Georgia.

3h    William Dow Stuart, born 2–23–1954, Cleveland, Tennessee.

After the death of Thomas W. Ice, Martha Thompson Goodner Ice married a Mr. Allen H. Parkhill, 7–4–1865, and she was known thereafter as "Grandma Parkhill.”  There was no issue by this second marriage.

7d    David Goodner, born 1830.  Died in early childhood, Madison County, Alabama.