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26 November 2014

I have been following back the line of William Langford, son of Asa Langford, Sr. of Coryell, Texas. His family was very . . . colorful (and often in prison).

William Langford, at the age of 17, married M.E. Linney in Texas on 26 Oct 1882. Their oldest son was born a short time later. They had three children together.

The obituary from his youngest daughter Elta Onie Langford Edens says that his wife died when the daughter was six years old. The daughter was raised by William's father, Asa Langford, Sr. and Rebecca Morris. Family tradition is that her mother was Native American, possibly from the Chocktaw Nation.

William Langford remarried, and may have had a son in the Indian Territories of Oklahoma in 1897 with his second wife was Rhoda Ann York. Together they had five children and moved to Deming, New Mexico and then to Globe, Arizona in 1909.


I did come across another Mollie Lankford married to a William H. Lankford in Sherman, Tx. She died in 1885 while she was living at a boarding house run by C.W. Brown of Mulberry Street in Sherman. She died on Oct 21, 1885 and left 2 children behind.

Despite the many similarities to our family story of Mollie Linney Langford and William Langford, and the fact that Sherman, Texas is just across the river from the current holdings of the Chocktaw nation in Oklahoma, I am inclined to think this is a different branch of the family.

An obituary about her states:

Sherman, Tx Oct 22 - The remains of Mrs. Mollie F. Lankford, wife of our esteemed friend and fellow-townsman W. H. Lankford were buried last evening from the residence of C.W. Brown on West Milberry street, where deceased had been boarding for several months.

Rev. J.C. carpenter conducted the funeral services at the house, and after the long procession reached the cemetery delivered a most appropriate and touching farewell at the open grave.

No death in this community has ever cast a more universal gloom over the hearts of our people. The deceased was a lady of many exalted virtues and herkindness to those in distress was a leading trait in her character. No one ever met with disappointment or misfortune who did not receive words of comfort from her lips and no empty hand was ever extended by the needy that did not receive substantial comfort from her purse. She was a consistent member of the Old School Presbyterian church, and in her sphere as a member was always active in every good work. This writer had the honor to call her a friend and we wish to join our tears with those of her weeping relatives and noble husband in this hour of their deepest sorrow.

This Molly Lankford was buried at the West Hill Cemetary in Sherman, Tx though a glance at the cemetary's records make it appear that while her presence is recorded, they are unsure of where she is actually buried.

28 July 2013

  • Linney Family Resources
    • John P. Linney (likely Jonathan Perry Linney) applied for membership in the Choctaw Nation. The agent thought he was dark skinned because he worked in the sun and denied the application based on that. He has a sister in some records named Mary who could be our "Mollie Elizabeth". Her first name is missing from her daughter's (Elta Onie Langford Edens) Arizona Death Certificate. William Perry Langford's death certificate will be viewable online in 2016 and may have that detail. Arizona makes death records available online after 50 years. There is a photo of a grave for a John P. Linney b. Mar 15 1872 d. Dec 25 1917. It says it is from the Gowen / Cambria Community Cemetery in Latimer County Oklahoma.

      John P. Linney does seem to be a descendent of Sarah Fletcher. Her name does appear in the Choctaw Dawes rolls but I am not sure if it is referring to the same person as she would have lived a couple of generations before the filings. Other people's filings on the Dawes rolls were allowed based on her (Sarah Fletcher's) native heritage.

      There is also a William Langford in the Choctaw Census Card records but I don't know if it that person has any relationship to our group

  • *****Summary of Linneys in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky*****

UPDATE: A very helpful person at the national archives pulled the two Chocktaw Nation census cards for me:

  • William Langford census card
  • Sally Fletcher census card
    • This card is for Sally Fletcher's child and three grandchildren who were enrolled as Full-blood Choctaw. The application was began in 1899 and was granted in 1903. The daughter was 33 years old on the application and that would place her birth date around 1866. That would likely place her mother's birthdate sometime in the 1840s or earlier.

18 July 2012: Some resources sent by Hoggard / Linney cousins.

2 June 2012: History of Chocktaw relatives from "Mom Edens'" family. William Langford married Mollie Elizabeth Linney. Their daughter, Elta Onie, was "Mom" Edens. Mollie Elizabeth died when Elta Onie was a baby. She was raised by her grandparents, Asa and Rebecca Langford while her father, William Langford went west. She also had a brother, Perry Langford.

1 August 2011: Touching History: Stories from the Past. A few glimpses into the family's connections with historical events.

8 June 2008: A Langford Family Geneologist Jeff Davis got in touch with me to let me know they have more resources online at They have contacts and good information related to Eli Langford and his wife Sarah.

Also, I received a contact from cousins descended from Joseph Henry James who have also put together a great web site. Joseph Henry James had 35 children, so there are a lot of cousins out there.

17 March 2006: Edens, Linney and Langford Family Online Docs.

3 March 2006: I've converted Aunt Di's geneology files to the most recent format. Her information was current as of 1999. I've cut-off the file at her generation for privacy, although other records are in the original which I can make available to known family members. --Susan

25 February 2006: Family geneologist Bob Cook sent me an early history of the Edens/Eddins family going back to England. His notes are in the email he sent to me.

21 October 2003: Edens-Langford-Linney Native American Links (email summary). Includes extracts from the Dawes Rolls which are necessary for tribal applications for many tribes, marriage records, and census transcripts. Lots of information - not formated or organized.

21 October 2003: Chickasaw/Choctaw History. Several brief histories of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations.